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Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation

Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation

    • Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation
    • Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation
    • Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation
  • Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: china
    Brand Name: KingPo
    Certification: iso9001
    Model Number: KP-8210

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: To be quoted
    Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
    Delivery Time: 35 working days
    Payment Terms: TT
    Supply Ability: 3 sets per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Standard: IEC62133-2012, JIS C 8714:2007, IEC62281-2012. Speed Control Range: 0.01~20MM/S
    Error: Within 1% Test Width: 200mm(standard)
    Analytic Displacement: 0.001mm Voltage Display Accuracy: 0.1 Mv
    The Pressure: 13KN+-1KN


    Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester For Battery


    Product type: KP-8210




    This machine is suitable for conducting mandatory internal short circuit and battery compression test at a certain environmental temp. according to latest requirement of IEC62133 and Japanese industrial standard JIS C 8714:2007.Test chamber’s material is stainless steel with good temperature uniformity and exhaust function.

    Control system:PLC touch screen menu type operation;voltage data acquisition frequency:100t/s;Set up programmable test pressure through PLC:pressure holding time,measured pressure,battery voltage,battery temperature and rate of pressure drop.


    Standard basis: IEC62133-2012, JIS C 8714:2007, IEC62281-2012.


    1. Perfect structure:

    Arc-shaped and sprayed surface;high-quality appearance;plane handle with no counterforce;easy operation and reliable performance;

    2. Bright and wide viewing window:

    Double-layer vacuum film coated window and philips energy-saving fluorescent lamp;no need of wiper defogging to keep clear observation

    3. Advanced and reliable refrigeration controller system:

    Original imported European and American hermetic compressor using environmental refrigerant and world famous components as well as imported LED push-button controller.

    4. Blackout stop,cooling,heating function;

    5. Breakdown and test finish alert.


    Pressure,Displacement,Volatge and Temperature Test system


    1. power acquisition system:

    American high precision AMCELL/ SUNCELL power sensor with 100KG capacity and power within ±0.5%F.S.

    2. capacity segment:

    (1) 7 grades:×1,×2,×5,×10,×20,×50,×100;

    (2) adopt high precision 24bitsA/D with sampling frequency of 200Hz

    3. dynamical system:

    (1) Panasonic AC servo;

    (2) Panasonic AC driver;

    (3) worm reducer;

    (4) Taiwan high precision ball screw and linear guide rail

    4. controller system:

    (1) PLC control mode with higher accuracy;

    (2) speed control range:0.01~20MM/S;error within 1%;

    (3) The intermediate plate has function of quick coarse tuning and slow fine tuning;

    (4) Return back to the original point and preserve it automatically

    5. display method:PLC touch screen

    6. test space:

    (1) width:200mm(standard);

    (2) valid displacement:100mm(not including fixture)(standard)

    7 . Displacement

    (1) encoder 2000P/R with 4 times accuracy improvement;

    (2) American PASO encoder with strong anti-interference;

    (3) analytic displacement:0.001mm;

    8. voltage control and acquisition:

    (1) real-time voltage data acquisition ranging 0-10V DC;

    (2) voltage display accuracy:0.1 mv;sampling rate:100t/s;

    (3) user-defined voltage measuring range.When PLC reaches the required data(e.g. rop to50mv),device stops operation.

    9. temperature acquisition system:

    (1) automatic acqusition battery surface temp.with sampling rate at 2t/s;

    (2) Derive data from RS232 serial port.

    10. Safety device:

    (1) overload emergency stop device

    (2) up&down stroke limit device

    (3) automatic breakdown stop function


    Technical Parameter


    Model KP-8210

    Temperature Chamber


    Temp. Range 0℃~ +100℃(controllable)
    Heating Rate Average 3℃/min(from 0℃ to 100℃. Non liner, no load)
    Cooling Rate Average 1℃/min(from 100℃ to 0℃, Non liner, no load)
    Inner Chamber Dimension W600 X H750 X D500 MM
    External Chamber Dimension W1500 X H1750 X D1000MM

    Inner Short Circuit

    Main Technical Parameters

    Max. Loading 200KG
    Resolution 1/10000
    Force Accuracy ≤0.5%
    Force magnification 7 Segment auto change
    Displacement Resolution 1/1000
    Displacement Accuracy ≤0.5%
    Speed Range 0.01-20MM/S
    Effective Range 0 ~ 150mm
    Max. Testing Space 300X300MM(Able for special customize according customer requirement)
    Voltage Sampling Range 0—20V
    Voltage Resolution 1MV
    Voltage Sampling Frequency 100HZ
    Control System Servo Control System


    Temperature controller:


    1. range: 0℃~100℃;

    2. analytic accuracy:temp±0.1℃;

    3. fluctuation:±0.3℃;

    4, uniformity: ±2℃;

    5. Extreme:0℃;

    6. Heating rate: average 3℃/min(rise from 0℃ to 100℃;non-linear no-load;average heating speed);

    7. Cooling rate: average 1℃/min(drop from100℃ to 0℃;non-linear no-load;average heating speed);

    8. Interior :W400×H500×D400mm;

    9. External material:stainless steel mirror with strengthened bottom

    10. Exterior:W1050×H1950×D1900mm;


    Internal Short Circuit Test System:


    1. max load: 100KG;

    2. load resolution: 1/10000;unit conversion: kg, lb,N

    3. load accuracy: ≤0.5%

    4. max power mutiple: 7 grades with automatic conversion ;

    5. Stroke resolution: 1/1000;

    6. Stroke accuracy : ±0.05 mm;

    7. speed range: 0.01—20MM/S adjustable,general test speed:0.1mm/S;

    8. valid stroke: 100MM(not including fixture);

    9. max test surface: 200×200MM(customized);

    10. voltage sampling rate: 0—20V(customized);

    11. voltage resolution ratio: 0.1MV;

    12. voltage sampling rate: 100t/s;

    13. compression panel material: stainless steel;affixed Telflon tape;corrosion proof

    14. head size: 10*10*15mm;stainless steel;ficture for short circuit;  

    15. head material: 1 NBR(edge10mm;thick 2mm,1 acryl(edge 5mm;thick 2mm)error:±0.1 mm

    16. compression movement:from top to bottom 

    17. steps: Use standard pressurization tool to press on the part with small nickel of single cell at 0.1mm/S.At the same time,monitor voltage change of voltage acquisition’s output terminal(voltage sampling rate:100t/s) .When there are more than 50mV voltage drop or reaching the required pressure(cylindrical battery 800N,square/rhombic battery 500N/ 400N),immediately stop the pressurization tool and keep for 30s and then remove pressure.


    Standard Compliance- Battery internal short circuit test machine

    Impact Test Standard

    UL1642 Lithium Batteries

    UL2054-2005 Household and Commercial Batteries

    UN38.3 Lithium ion battery safety testing

    GB/T 18287-2000 General specification of lithium-ion battery for cellular phone

    SJ/T 11169-1998 Standard for lithium batteries

    YD 1268- 2003 The safety specification and test method for lithium batteries and charger

    SJ/T 11170-1998 Standard for household and commercial batteries

    Crush Test Standard:

    GB/T 2900.11-1988Terminology of (secondary) cell or battery : crush

    YD 1268- 2003 The safety specification and test method for lithium batteries and charger : crush

    SJ/T 11169-1998Standard for lithium batteries:crush

    UL 1642Lithium batteries : crush

    GB/T 8897.4-2002Primary batteries-Part 4: Safety of lithium batteries

    SJ/T 11170-1998 Standard for household and commercial batteries- crush test

    YDB 032-2009 Back-up lithium-ion battery for telecommunications

    UL 2054 Household and Commercial Batteries

    QB/T 2502-2000 General specification of lithium-ion battery

    Nail penetration standard

    GB/T 18332.2-2001Nickel-metal hydrate batteries of electric road vehicles nail penetrations

    MT/T 1051-2007 Lithium-ion batteries for cap lamp nail penetration test



    Features- Battery internal short circuit test machine

    1 .The wire enclosed with metal fire-proof cover, which is available to prevent the flame during testing process.

    2 .Lighting system is designed to observe the internal testing process;

    3 .Nail Penetration/Crush Velocity with controllable range of 10~80mm/s;

    4 .Nail Penetration/Crush Force controllable within range from 250N to 13KN ,meet different standards;

    5 .Wire hole provides a possibility to test internal temperature or air pressure while vent hole with air blower can discharge the exhaust air.

    6 .Control system employs independent control cabinet & separated with the test chamber with a distance 1-2 meter, which can reduce the noise and improve safety.


    Standard configuration:

    1 sensor;

    1 set of standard pressurization device;

    2 sets of standard compression head;

    Another 5 stainless steel compression head;

    5 pieces of test-used nickel(copy of nickle calibration certificate)


    Basic component:

    Sensor------American SUNCELL;

    Dynamical motor and driver------German ALPHA;

    Temperature controller-----Korean imported TEMI880 ;

    Refrigeration compressor-----French “Taikang”

    Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation

    Highly Integrated Battery Forced Internal Short Circuit Tester IEC recommendation





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