Handle load device

July 12, 2021

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1, Product Name: Handle load device

2, product model: KP9420

3, standard basis:

IEC62368-1:2018 《Audio/video,information and communication technology equipment Part 1: Safety requirements》, Section 8.8

IEC60601-1: 2020 Medical request-Part 1: General requests for security security information section 9.4.4

4, Product profile:

The portable loading device is designed and manufactured by KINGPO. according to IEC62368-1:20188.8, IE C60601-1: 2020 and 21 of GB9706.1-2007. The device can be made into a high-end servo motor automatic loading mode according on the customer cost budget, or into a low-cost turbo worm manual loading mode.

5, specification parameters

No number Project name Parameter specifications
1 Equipment power supply AC220V,50Hz, 800Wmax.
2 Display the touch screen The 7 " color touch screen
3 Lift up the drive Stepper motor drive or turbo worm manual drive
4 Load time display 0~9999 min + 0~59 seconds
5 Hold the time 0~9999 min + 0~59 seconds
6 Tension range 1~200kg.
7 Load the sling

IE C60601: about 70mm

The IEC62368: is about 75mm

Large fabric tolerance, please pay special attention

8 Sample fixation mode Tie anding

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