KingPo Testing Equipment and Accessories for ISO 80369-20:2015

December 29, 2020

Latest company news about KingPo Testing Equipment and Accessories for ISO 80369-20:2015
KingPo's small bore testing equipment, devices and accessories are designed specifically to meet requirements of ISO 80369-20:2015 and the individual part standards. Some items in the range cover multiple standards, and other items are variants for a specific standard and its particular requirements.
KingPo also has a range of equipment for ISO 594 series, ISO 7886 series, ISO 8537 and other similar standards.
Some of KingPo's ISO 80369-20 equipment is backwards compatible with ISO 594-1:1986 and ISO 594-2:1998, thus allowing a laboratory to continue to test syringes and other medical devices requiring ISO 594 tests. Some of the items in this range also include equipment that can also be used for ISO 7886, ISO 8537 and similar standards.
KingPo also conducts testing of small bore connectors following the methods of ISO 80369-20 in its ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.
To accompany the ISO 80369-20 testing equipment Enersol has a range of reference connectors for FDIS/ISO 80369-2 (2018), ISO 80369-3:2016, IEC 80369-5:2015, ISO 80369-6:2016 and ISO 80369-7:2016, as well as ISO 18250-3:2018 and ISO 18250-8:2018. These reference connectors are required for the testing of small-bore connectors and reservoir connectors from these standards.
Guidance to reference connectors and equipment.
Click/tap on the buttons below to open (and download) the guidance tables for the equipment and reference connectors required for each standard.
ISO 80369-2 ISO 80369-3 ISO 80369-6 ISO 80369-7 ISO 18250-3 ISO 18250-8
To find out more about the reference connectors and testing equipment, please contact Enersol by emailing or submitting a request for catalogue.