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IEC 60598-1:2008 Edition 7.0 Testing and Measuring Equipment

China KingPo Technology Development Limited certification
China KingPo Technology Development Limited certification
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According to SGS Qualified Suppliers requirements. kingpo is granted as "STATEMENT OF SGS QUALIFED SUPPLIERS"

—— SGS

Good day and thank you for you According to the sample of the instrument you provided, we are very satisfied with our test. We want to change the order from 2 to 10. The following is the order details of our Asia Pacific branch. Would you please send me the quotation of the corresponding office? So we can generate an order to confirm it. Thank you.

—— Angel

Dear Supplier KINGPO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPEMENT, In the ambit of ISO 9001:2015 certification, we intend to communicate the requirements as well as its percentage used on final evaluation used by ISQ to control and monitor its external supplier’s performance as per bellow: According with the above requirements to be maintained in future evaluations

—— ISQ Procurement Management

first of all, I would also like to thank you for the good cooperation! We especially appreciate the fast service and that there is almost always a solution for our requests and problems. Thank you very much for this and all the best and continue a good cooperation also for 2022!

—— TUV Rheinland Germany

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IEC 60598-1:2008 Edition 7.0 Testing and Measuring Equipment
Latest company news about IEC 60598-1:2008 Edition 7.0 Testing and Measuring Equipment

IEC 60598-1:2008 Edition 7.0 Testing and Measuring Equipment

Clause Measurement/testing Testing /measuring equipment/material needed
3.4 Testofmarking Pieceofcloth/Water/Petroleumspirit
4.4.4 Lampholderpressuretest Testcaps/Pressuredevice/Torquedriver
4.4.5 Voltageacrosslampholders Highvoltageprobe/Oscilloscope
4.11.6 Electro-mechanical contactsystem Lowvoltagevariablecurrentpowersupply,voltmeter,high voltagetransformer
4.12.1/4.12.5 Screwsandconnections(mechanical)and glandstesting Testscrewdriverorspanner/Testrods
4.13.1/4.13.4   Spring-operatedimpacttestapparatus/Apparatusforball impact tests/Conditioningcabinet(e.g.freezer)/Angle
4.13.6/4.21.4 Mechanical strengthtests measuringdevice/Weightingdevice/Tumblingbarrel test equipment
4.14.1/4.14.2 Adjustingdevicestesting Glasstestshelves/ Weightingdevice/Testapparatusfor adjustabledevices
4.9.2/4.18.1 Insulatingliningsandsleevestests/ Resistancetocorrosion Heatingcabinet,humiditycabinet,megaohmeter,highvoltage transformer
4.18.2/ AnnexF Stresscorrosion Closeableglassvessel /testsolution/Heatingcabinet/Facilities towashsamplesaftertest
4.2 Roughserviceluminaires Vibrationtestequipment
4.22 Attachmenttolamps Weighingdevice
4.24/AnnexP ProtectivemeasuresagainstUV radiation UV radiationtestinstruments
4.26 Shortcircuitprotectiontest Testchain/ Weightingdevice Pull andtorquetestsoncordanchorage Cordanchoragetestsapparatus(pull andtorque)
5.3 Internal wiringdimensions Micrometer/Equipmentforinsulationthickness
7.2.3 Earthcontinuitytest Earthingtestequipment
8.2.5 Protectionagainstelectricshocktests/ Capacitordischarge Standardtestfinger(IEC 60529)/Unjointedtestfinger
8.2.7 Voltmeter/oscilloscope
9.2.0 Solidobjectproofluminairetesting IP 3X (2,5mm)/IP 4X (1mm)probes
9.2.1/9.2.2 Dustproofluminairetests Apparatusforprovingprotectionagainstdust
9.2.3,4,5,6,7, Waterproofluminairestesting Apparatusforprotectionagainstwatertests
9.3.1 Humiditytests Humiditycabinet
10.2.1 Insulationresistancetests Megaohmmeter
10.2.2 Electricstrengthtests Highvoltagetransformer
10.3.1 Leakagecurrenttesting Leakagecurrenttester
11.2.1 Creepagedistancesandclearances measurements Digital calliper(orequivalent)
12.3.1 Endurancetests Thermal cabinet(35°C)/Endurancetestequipment/Multimeter
12.4.1 Thermal tests Draught-proofenclosure(25°C)/Thermometer/Thermocouples
12.5.1e) Abnormal operationtesting Testcircuitformetal halideluminaires
AnnexC Fig.C3
12.7.2 Testforluminaireswithtemperaturesensing Relevantequipmentofclauses15.3and20.5,EquipmentListof
controlsinternal/external totheballastor transformer IEC 61558-1,Edition2-2005
13.2.1 Resistancetoheattest Heatingcabinet/Ball pressuretestapparatus(seealsoCTL D.S.N.391.mod)
13.3.1 Resistancetoflametest Needleflametestapparatus
13.3.2 Resistancetoignitiontesting Glow-wiretestapparatus
13.4.1 Resistancetotrackingtest Prooftrackingtestdevice
14 Screwterminals Torquedrivers,testcables,pull device,micrometer,timer
15 Screwlessterminals Pull device,variablecurrentsource,voltmeter,heatingcabinet,timer,testcables

latest company news about IEC 60598-1:2008 Edition 7.0 Testing and Measuring Equipment  0

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