• VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581
  • VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581
  • VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581
  • VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581
Good price VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581 online

VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KingPo
Certification: Calibration Certificate
Model Number: K6116

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: To be quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3 sets per month
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Detail Information

Burner: 1 Set Of Bunsen Burner At An Inside Diameter Of Φ9.5mm ± 0.3mm Test Angle: 0°、20°、45° Manual Conversion
Flame Height: 20mm ± 2mm ~180mm±10mm Adjustable Ignition Exertion Time: 0-999.9s±0.1s Adjustable
Residual Flame: 0-999.9s±0.1s Residual Broil: 0-999.9s±0.1s
High Light:

Vertical Flame Test Equipment


UL 1581 Flame Test Equipment


Vertical Flame Test Apparatus

Product Description

VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581​

1, Compliance:
This combustion cabinet is produced in strict accordance with IEC60332 ul1581 sect 1080.1 ~ 1080.14 and fully complies with VW-1 (vertical specimen) flame test combustion test. It is applicable to VW-1 of ul1581, UL13, ul444 and ul1655 and FT-1 and ft-2 of CSA. And a large number of wires and cables are widely used in the industry.
2, Design principle:
The whole test was carried out in a sealed laboratory with a volume of 4.32 cubic meters. Test: adjust the flame height, place the flame high under the test piece, burn for 15 seconds and extinguish for 15 seconds. After repeating for 5 times, check the burning condition of the test piece. The combustion, extinction time and repetition times can be set and can be operated automatically. Main reference: the requirements of ul1581-2001060 section (vertical combustion and FT1 test), 1080 section (VW-1 combustion test), 1090 section (horizontal combustion test of electrical wire) and 1100 section (horizontal sample / ft2 combustion test) of this test device.
3, Parameters:
Test box
(1) The test box adopts aluminum alloy frame + electrolytic plate electrostatic spraying, which has beautiful appearance and anti-corrosion
Rust and corrosion prevention
(2) The top of the box is equipped with an exhaust system, which is at the same time as the air supply system when the test is completed
Open it to discharge the waste gas outdoors; During the test, the system is closed.
(3) The rear side of the box body is provided with an air supply door. When the test is completed and the air extraction system is turned on, supply air to the box
Air supply, during the test, the closure needs to be closed.
(4) The front of the box is equipped with a toughened glass observation window that can be sealed during the test, which is convenient for observation and test
Check the situation.
(5) Under the glass observation window, there is a door that can extend hands and arms to the test chamber for operation
The hole is equipped with sealing gloves, and the operator uses the sealing gloves to operate the combustion burner.
(6) Volume specification of test chamber: space 2.4m (length) * 1m (width) * 1.8m (height),
Volume: 4.32m3. Overall dimension: 2.4m (L) * 1m (W) * 2.5m (H).
Temperature measuring system
(1) Thermal sensors (copper conduit and thermocouple) - the conduit structure shall be electrolytic of conductivity
Copper. The length is 19.14 ± 0.02mm
(2) K-type thermocouple, equipped with 0.5mm diameter stainless steel tube as jacket.
(3) The digital display thermometer is matched with the K-type thermocouple. The reading is greater than 1000 ℃.
(4) The whole pass test system is movable. It is placed in the test box for temperature measurement.
(5) Equipped with electronic stopwatch: to 0.1s (standby during temperature measurement verification)
Test device and test fixture
(1) Main fixture: test support and combustion burner
(2) Test support: made of stainless steel, divided into horizontal support and vertical support, i.e. FT1, ft2
VW-1 has three specifications. The plane of the vertical support and the blowtorch is parallel to the plane of the observation window, which is convenient for observation and operation.
(3) Combustion blowtorch IEC60332 (ul1581 blowtorch): ASTM D 5025-99 requirements, power: 500W for vertical blowtorch, 225W for horizontal blowtorch,
(4) Nozzle diameter: 0.90 ± 0.03mm,
(5) Nozzle lamp length: 1.60 ± 0.05mm,
(6) The height from the nozzle to the air is 102mm;
(7) Blowtorch angle: 90 degrees horizontally and 20 degrees vertically (the longitudinal axis is maintained on the vertical plane and has an included angle of 20 ° with the vertical direction)
(8) Wedge frame: add wedges. The blowtorch installation is required to be installed on the wedges and can be moved easily, and can be moved back to the specified position at the same time.
(9) Equipped with a set of scales that can measure the internal and external flame during horizontal and vertical combustion.
(10) A steel ruler of 500mm to 1mm shall be provided for the test.
VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581 0VW-1 Flame Test Vertical Flame And FT1 Test UL 1581 1
Test effect

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