Good price Glow Wire Tester, IEC60695-2-10 Flammability Testing Equipment ,Glow-wire apparatus online

Glow Wire Tester, IEC60695-2-10 Flammability Testing Equipment ,Glow-wire apparatus

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KingPo
Certification: Calibration Certificate
Model Number: KP-FT01

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: To be quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3 sets per month
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Detail Information

Glow Wire Temp.: 100~1000℃±2℃ Constantly Adjustable Thermocouple: Φ1.0mm
Glow Wire: Φ4 Mm Broil Into Depth: 7mm±0.5mm
Specimen Pressure: 0.95N±0.1N Test Speed: 10 Mm/s To 25 Mm/s
High Light:

Needle Flame Tester


Flammability Test Chamber

Product Description

Glow Wire Tester, IEC60695-2-10 Flammability Testing Equipment ,Glow-wire apparatus


Glow wire test is a simulation experiment project using non-flame ignition source in accordance to standard requirements of IEC60695-2-10,UL 746A ,GB/T5169.10,GB4706.1.It makes required material(Ni80/Cr20) and heating wire in required shape(Φ4mm-chromel-filament)heated up to test temperature( 550 ℃ ~ 960 ℃) for 1min and then broil the specimen using required pressure (0.95N) for 30s at vertical direction;to check whether the specimen and bedding material ignite and lasting ignition time to test the ignition fatalness of electrical and electronic finished devices

Test the ignition performance,ignition temperature (GWIT),solid insulating material and other solid combustible material,combustibility and flammability index(GWFI) .
It can be applied to research,production and quality testing department of electrical and electronic devices and component parts like lighting equipment,low voltage apparatus,eletrotechnical instrument,etc.


Technical Parameter
1, glow wire temp.:100~1000℃±2℃ constantly adjustable
2, broil time:0-999.9s±0.1s adjustable (generally choose 30s)
3, ignition time:0-999.9s±0.1s,automatic record,suspension by wire
4, smother time:0-999.9s±0.1s,automatic record,suspension by wire
5, thermocouple:Φ1.0mm imported armour(K type)
6, glow wire:Φ4 mm chromel-filament(Ni80/Cr20)
7, broil into depth:7mm±0.5mm
8, specimen pressure:0.95N±0.1N
9, test speed:10 mm/s to 25 mm/s.
10, U head standard:IEC60695-2-10.
11, test procedure:automatic control,independent exhaust system
12, Reference Standard: IEC60695-2-10:2000,UL746A
13, studio volume:bigger than 0.5 cubic meter,(can be customized as 0.75 or 1cubic meter )
14, external dimension:1100mmW×700mmD×1300mm
15, control:single chip Microcomputer touch screen+button type double control system,high accuracy temperature gauge,independent electrical control system,strong anti-interference.
16, operation with high efficiency:One-touch operation ,fast and highly effectively
17, standard integration:program test procedures in accordance with actual test procedures.


Glow wire diameter 4mm±0.07mmNi/Cr(80/20), standard
Temp Range 100-1000°C ±2°C continus adjustable
Thermocouple diameter 1.0mm Type K (Ni/Cr~Ni/Al),armored sheath can withstand temperature -40~ 1100°C
Searing Time 30s±0.1s (OMRON H5CN-XAN-Z digital timer, 0-9999s, presettable)
Light-off Time 0-999.9 s ± 0.1 s, automatic recording, manual timeout
Fireouttime 0-999.9 s ± 0.1 s, automatic recording, manual timeout
Ironing into depth 7mm ± 0.5 mm
Sample pressure 0.95N ± 0.1 N
Test speed 10 mm/s to 25 mm/s
Control Using single chip microcomputer + touch screen control
Power Supply 220V, 48-60Hz
Consult standard IEC60695-2-10:2013,UL746A
Chamber ≥0.5m


Test procedure


* This tester should be placed on a level table

* table size no less than 1400W * 900D * (600-800)H mm

* Distance to the wall: > 200mm

* Exhaust pipe: diameter of 100mm

* The test room should be independent room equipped with exhaust system and firefighting device


1.1) install the exhaust pipe, tighten the fitting

1.2) checks the power supply wiring, ensures it’s correct and grounded

1.3) connect thermocouple as below:

1.4) connect wire control box as below



Before debugging, please check:

  • whether wiring okay
  • whether sample carrier and weight in right position, 3 wires must be in the pulley

2.1) turn power switch on, the sample carrier come to the left end, left proximity switch light up

2.2) adjust current to minimum, press heating button, and run, sample carrier come to right end, and come back 30s later.

2.3) test sample fixing. Fix the sample tight inside fixture, ensure 7mm spacing in the tolerance. And close the viewing window.



Glow Wire Tester, IEC60695-2-10 Flammability Testing Equipment ,Glow-wire apparatus 0

Left: sample carrier small car go left

Right: sample carrier small car go right

Exhaust: exhausting

Light: lighting

Heating: Adjust the current, reach to required temperature. Wait 5min to let the temperature be steady.

Start: Sample carrier automatically moves forward, timers (glow time, Ti, Te) start working, carrier returns when set glow time (30s) reached.

Glow time: 30s

Ti: the duration from the beginning of tip application up to the time at which the test specimen or the wrapping tissue placed below it ignites;

Te: the duration from the beginning of tip application up to the time when flames extinguish during or after the period of application.

Control box: when the sample start burning, press the button on control box, get ignite time Ti; when flame dies, presses the button on control box, get flame extinguish time Te.

When test finished, do not open the viewing window until exhaust for at least 2min.


Test procedure

Glow Wire Tester, IEC60695-2-10 Flammability Testing Equipment ,Glow-wire apparatus 1




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