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Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe

China KingPo Technology Development Limited certification
China KingPo Technology Development Limited certification
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According to SGS Qualified Suppliers requirements. kingpo is granted as "STATEMENT OF SGS QUALIFED SUPPLIERS"

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Dear Supplier KINGPO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPEMENT, In the ambit of ISO 9001:2015 certification, we intend to communicate the requirements as well as its percentage used on final evaluation used by ISQ to control and monitor its external supplier’s performance as per bellow: According with the above requirements to be maintained in future evaluations

—— ISQ Procurement Management

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Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe

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Large Image :  Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KingPo
Certification: Calibration Certificate
Model Number: IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: To be quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 50 pcs per month
Detailed Product Description
Place Of Origin: Guangdong,China(mainland) Standard: IEC 62368-1


Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe


According to standard: IEC62368-1
Material :heat-treated steel

Length :300mm
Width :50mm
Bendable Section :30/30/40mm


Calibration Certificate:Figure V.4 Wedge probe.pdf





Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe 0

Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe 1

Packaging and Shipping

1. Aluminium box and carton box, careful and tight package, make sure the package is intact.

2. The package will be shipped by DHL/Fedex/TNT/EMS/UPS/China post/EF-Express/Special line, as you have chose in the order.

3. The shipping time is different, it depends on the distance bewteen us. At usual, exclude the preparing time, the goods would be sent to you in 5 days.


Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe 2Wedge probe , IEC 62368-1 Figure V.4 – Wedge probe 3





IEC 62368-1:2018-10






Measurement/testing Testing / measuring equipment / material needed Subcontracting
4.1.4 Equipment Installation (Outdoor), Conditioning Test chamber: minimum range of –33°C to +40°C. ROUT
4.7 Equipment for direct insertion in to mains socket-outlets

Test equipment (see Fig. 11 of IEC 60065)


4.8 Coin/button cell batteries 30 N ± 1N applied by rigid test finger (Figure V.1); test hook (Figure 20); calliper; timer RB
Crush Test (330 N ± 5N); flat surface measuring 100 mm by 250 mm; timer; air RB
Torque gauges, test hook RB Steady- state voltage and current limits

Ampere- and voltmeter suitable for the current and waveform, frequency meter

Measuring instruments in according to IEC 60990: 1999 Figure 4 and 5, timer, 2 kW resistor

RB Single pulse limits Oscilloscope RB
5.3.2. Accessibility to electrical energy sources and safeguards Test probes V1, V2, V3, V4, V5; T.3, calliper, hipot RB, 9.2.5, Annex E Maximum operating temperatures for materials, components and systems Voltage supply Single phase voltage supply systems/variability/adequacy RB
Three phase voltage supply systems S
Temperature (rise) Temperature recorder (multi-channel) RB
Thermocouples RB
Winding resistance (normally > 1,0 W 2-wire, 4-wire <1,0 W ). RB
Voltage Voltmeters (ac/dc) RB
High voltage meter (probe) RB
Current Currents (ac/dc) RB
Loading Loads (resistive) RB Thermal cycling test procedure

Annex G 13.6.2

Full draught oven (± 2ºC)

Cooling facility (0º±2 C)

Scratch test device with steel pin

S Thermoplastic parts on which conductive metallic parts are directly mounted Vicat test B 50 of ISO 306 S
Ball pressure test apparatus according to IEC 60695-10-2, Oven at least 125ºC ± 3°C RB

5.4.2, 5.4.3, 5.4.4,

Annex X

Clearances, creepage distance, solid insulation Oscilloscope RB
Dial gauge or calliper RB
Micrometer RB
Pins etc. with different diameters RB
Microscope RB

Impulse test generator circuit 1 of Table D.1.

Impulse test generator circuit 2 of Table D.1.

impulse test generator circuit 3 of Table D.1




Test equipment for tracking index per IEC 60112 S

Mandrel (figure 25 to 28), metal foil, equipment suitable for electrical strength test loads

Stop watch, weight

S Antenna terminal insulation Insulation resistance meter (500V > 4 MΩ), antenna interface test generator circuit 3 of Table D.1; timer, dial gauge or calliper RC
5.4.8 Humidity conditioning Chamber RH (93 ± 3)%, (20...30)° C RB
Chamber RH (93 ± 3)%, (40 ± 2)°C RB
Extra large environmental testing chamber SP
Test Instrument/equipment according to Figure 29 for electric strength (of solid/thin sheet insulation). S
5.4.10 Safeguards against transient voltages from external circuits Blunt probe figure V.3; Insulation resistance meter (500V > 2 MΩ), electrical strength tests of solid/thin sheet insulation. RB
5.4.11 Separation between external circuits and earth Non-inductive resistor 5000Ω, Ampere meter RB
5.4.12 Insulating liquid Test equipment with relevant voltage and trip current RB Capacitor discharge Measuring instrument with input impedance 100M Ω or more in parallel with an input capacitance of 25pF or less; timer RB
Capacitor discharge See G.16 electric strength tests  
Resistor See G.10  
5.5.8 Insulation between the mains and an external circuit consisting of a coaxial cable

See voltage surge test of G.10.4; the impulse test of


5.6.3 Requirements for protective earthing conductors Calliper, micrometer RB Resistance of protective conductors and their terminations High current source with a voltage not exceeding 12 V, RB
Determination of the overcurrent protective device and circuit (Annex R) Source with at least 1500A short circuit S
5.7 Prospective touch voltage touch current and protective conductor current

Networks in according IEC 60990:1999 figures 4 and 5;

ampere meter


5.8 Back feed safeguard in battery backed up supplies Measuring instrument with input impedance 100MW or more in parallel with an input capacitance of 25pF or less; oscilloscope; timer; calliper RB
6.2.2 Power source circuit classification Watt meter, variable resistor load, stop watch RB, Annex S.2 Top openings and top openings properties Cheesecloth bleached cotton cloth 40g/m2; timer RB
8.2 Mechanical energy source classifications Scale up to 25kg RB Equipment having an electromechanical device for destruction of media

Test probe (jointed) of Annex V (figure V.1 and V.2) and

wedge probe V.4

Force 45N and 90 N with wedge probe



RB High pressure lamps Dark sticky mat, magnified glass with a resolution of 0,1 mm RB
8.6.2 Static stability for floor standing equipment

Inclined plane 10°

Force 100N


Force 250N/
Test tool 800Nwith a flat surface 12,5cm by 20cm



8.6.4 Glass slide test Glass plate, 10° RB
8.6.5 Horizontal force test Inclined plane 15° RB
8.7 Equipment mounted to a wall or ceiling

Several weights, timer

Torque gauges


Handle strength test method


75mm width, several weights, scale, timer RB
8.9 Wheels or casters attachment requirement Force 20N, stop watch RB
8.10 Carts, stands and similar carriers Force up to 440 N with a circular plan surface Æ 30mm, stop watch, RB
8.11 Mounting means for rack mounted equipment Several weights, timer RB
8.12 Telescoping or rod antennas (Annex T.11) test tool for applying torque up to 0,6Nm, test tool for applying force 20N, stop watch RA
9.6.3 Wireless power transmitters

Figure 47 – Steel disc

Figure 48 – Aluminium ring

Figure 49 – Aluminium foil


10 Radiation Laser (including laser diodes) Several special equipment for laser classification (IEC 60825-1, IEC 60825-2, IEC 60825-12) S
  Light emitting diodes (LEDs) Several special equipment for LED classification (IEC 62471:2006) S
  Image Projector Several special equipment for image projectors (IEC 62471-5) S

. Radiation monitor, ionizing

chamber type with an effective area of 1 000 mm²

  Effect of UV radiation on materials (Annex C) Test equipment according to ISO 178, 179, 180, 527 and 8256 and according ISO 4892 series S
  Human exposure to UV radiation (Annex C) Measuring equipment according to IEC 62471 S
    Acoustics Special equipment for acoustic measurements (EN50332-1, -2 & -3) S
Annex B.2.5 Input test Ampere meter suitable for the current and waveform, power meter, voltmeter, RB
Variable loads RB
Signal generator in acc. IEC 60107-1:1997 RV
Annex B.3.2 Covering of ventilation openings piece of card with minimum 200 g/m² density RB
Annex C UV radiation

Carbon-arc light-exposure test - apparatus described in ISO 4892-4, or equivalent, in accordance with the

procedures given in ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-4 using a type 1 filter, with water spray.


Xenon-arc light-exposure test - apparatus described in ISO 4892-2:2013, or equivalent, in accordance with the procedures given in ISO 4892-1 and ISO 4892-4 using cycle 1 of method A of Table 3, without water spray.


Tensile strength, ISO 527

Flexural strength, ISO 178

Charpy impact, ISO 179

Izod impact, ISO 180

Tensile impact, ISO 8256

Annex E Test conditions for equipment contain audit amplifiers Testing box RA
Signal generator (sinus) 1kHz or alternative
Band-pass filter for wide-band noise measurement, pink noise signal generator
Annex F.3.10.2 Durability water/piece of cloth/ timer RB
Annex F.3.10.3 Durability Petroleum spirit (85% n-hexane), (CAS# 110-54-3) RB
Annex G. G. G.9.3 S.3.1 S.3.2 Alternative test method Cheesecloth (bleached cotton cloth 40g/m2), Wrapping Tissue (12g/ m2 – 30g/m2) RB
Annex G.5.3.4 Test for FIW

Test equipment according to IEC 60851-5:2008, IEC 60317-0-7 and IEC 60317-56

Test equipment with relevant voltage and trip current

Full draught oven (± 2ºC)

Cooling facility (0º±2 C)

Partial discharge test equipment

Annex G.7 Mains supply cords Test equipment according IEC 60227 S
Appropriate weights RB
Torque meter or equivalent RB
Annex G.9 IC current limiters

Variable loads

Capacitor 470 mF; resistor 0 W

Chamber (-30 to 70 ± 2)°C

Annex G.10

Test for resistor serving as safeguard

Test sequence

Impulse test generator circuit 1 of Table D.1.

Impulse test generator circuit 2 of Table D.1.

impulse test generator circuit 3 of Table D.1

Test according to IEC 60068-2-78

Annex G.13.6.2 Test method and compliance criteria Full draught oven (± 2ºC) S
Annex G.13.6.2 Abrasion resistance test Scratch test device with steel pin S
Annex G.15 Hydrostatic pressure Hydrostatic pressure test device S
Tubing and fittings compatibility test Tensile strength test device in acc to ISO 527 series S
Vibration test Vibration generator (0,35mm/10Hz-55Hz-10Hz) IEC 60068-2-6 S
Annex G.16 Discharge function Chamber RH (93 ± 3)%, 20...30ºC, (40 ± 2)ºC S
    Impulse test generator (capable of delivering an impulse as specified in Circuit 2 of Table D.1 that can be superimposed at 90° and 270°on the Mains) S
Annex H Criteria for telephone ringing signals 5 000Ω resistor RT
Annex J Insulated winding wires for use without interleaved insulation Test equipment according to IEC 60851-3 and IEC 60851-5 S
Annex M.4.2, M.4.4.4 Charging voltage and current Oven S
Annex M.7 Concentration of hydrogen gas Hydrogen gas analyzer S
Annex M.8.2 Protection against internal ignition from external spark sources – Spark Test Equipment according to IEC 60896-21:2005 Sub cl. 6.4 S
Annex P.2 Safeguards against entry of solid foreign objects Suitable tool (or tools) to simulate a straight metal object, 1mm in diameter, length up to 13 mm RB
Annex. P.4 Metallized coatings and adhesives securing parts Oven S
Annex R Limited Short-circuit test Current generator, 1500 A S
Annex S Tests for resistance to heat and fire Needle flame test apparatus acc. to IEC 60695-11-5:2004 SP
Distillate fuel oil as described in annex S.3.2 S
500W flame test apparatus in acc. to IEC 60695-11-20:1999 SP
Cheesecloth (bleached cotton cloth 40g/m2), wrapping tissue (12g/ m2 – 30g/m2) RB


T.2 - T.4

Steady force test

10N ± 1N

Test finger (figure V1 or V2 unjointed, 30N± 3N)

Test tool 100N± 10N with a circular plan surface Æ 30mm
Stop watch

Annex T.5 Steady force test, 250 N Test tool 250N± 10N with a circular plan surface Æ 30mm. RB
Annex T.6 Enclosure impact test Æ 50mm/500g± 25g steel ball, ruler RB
Annex T.7 Drop test Hard wood 13mm on 18mm ± 2mm plywood, two layers. ruler up to 1000 mm ± 10mm RB
AnnexT.8 Stress relief test Measuring equipment according to IEC 60695-10-3 or Oven 70K over normal temp. RB
Annex T.9 Impact Test steel ball 50mm, approx 500g., Fragmentation test Centre punch and a square of 50 mm side RB
Annex T 10 Fragmentation test Centre punch (having a head with a mass of 75 g ± 5 g and a conical tungsten carbide tip with an angle of 60° ± 2°; IEC 60335-2-24:2010/AMD2:2017 Subclause 22)* and a square of 50 mm side RB
Annex U

Mechanical strength of CRTs and protection

against the effects of implosion

Test equipment acc.IEC 61965

Scale, diamond stylus, cooling liquid, timer

Annex V.1.2 Test method 1 – Surfaces and openings tested with jointed test probes

Figure V.1 – Jointed test probe for equipment likely to be accessible to children

Figure V.2 – Jointed test probe for equipment not likely to be accessible to children

Annex V.1.3 Test method 2 – Openings tested with straight unjointed test probes Figure V.1: straight unjointed version of the respective test probe applied with a force of 30 N. RB
Annex V.1.4 Test method 3 –
Plugs, jacks, connectors
Figure V.3 – Blunt probe RB
Annex V.1.5 Test method 4 –
Slot openings
Figure V.4 – Wedge probe RSH
Annex V.1.6 Test method 5 – Terminals intended to be used by an ordinary person

Force 1 N ± 0,1N

Terminal probe IEC 61032:1997 figure 4




(Annex C)

Ultraviolet light conditioning test Ultraviolet light test apparatus – see annex C.  
Y.3 Resistance to corrosion, water borne contaminants

Salt spray test apparatus according to IEC 60068-2-11

Test chamber according to ISO 3231

Y.3.3 Water- sulphur dioxide test Water - sulphur dioxide test chamber S
Y.4.3 Tensile strength and elongation tests Tensile strength test apparatus S
Y.4.4 Compression test

Cylindrical weight for 69 kPa

Air oven

Environmental test chamber capable of testing to –33 °C

1,35 kg impact hammer apparatus

Clear spruce wood pieces

Y.4.5 Oil resistance Oil immersion test equipment per ISO 1817:2015 or ASTM D471- 98 S
Y.5 Protection from moisture IP X4 to X6 water test apparatus SP
Y.5.3 Water spray test Water spray test apparatus (alternative to IPX4) S
Y.5.5 Protection from excessive dust IP 5X/6X dust test apparatus SP
Y.6.2 Impact test Test chamber: minimum range of –33°C to +40°C. ROUT



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