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Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type

China KingPo Technology Development Limited certification
China KingPo Technology Development Limited certification
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According to SGS Qualified Suppliers requirements. kingpo is granted as "STATEMENT OF SGS QUALIFED SUPPLIERS"

—— SGS

Good day and thank you for you According to the sample of the instrument you provided, we are very satisfied with our test. We want to change the order from 2 to 10. The following is the order details of our Asia Pacific branch. Would you please send me the quotation of the corresponding office? So we can generate an order to confirm it. Thank you.

—— Angel

Dear Supplier KINGPO TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPEMENT, In the ambit of ISO 9001:2015 certification, we intend to communicate the requirements as well as its percentage used on final evaluation used by ISQ to control and monitor its external supplier’s performance as per bellow: According with the above requirements to be maintained in future evaluations

—— ISQ Procurement Management

first of all, I would also like to thank you for the good cooperation! We especially appreciate the fast service and that there is almost always a solution for our requests and problems. Thank you very much for this and all the best and continue a good cooperation also for 2022!

—— TUV Rheinland Germany

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Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type


Large Image :  Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KingPo
Certification: Calibration Certificate
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: To be quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 40 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets per month
Detailed Product Description
Machine Accuracy: 4+L/250mm Three-axis Optical Scale Reading: 0.001mm
Workpiece Height Limit: 200mm Sheet Metal Parts: Powder Coating Paint
Zoom Lens: Approx. 30-230X Workload: Maximum Load Of 30kg
Power Supply: 220V / 15A Operating Temperature: 20°C+ 2°C
Eyepiece: 1 Times Flat Glass: 1
High Light:

coordinate measuring machine


metallographic machine

High-precision Auto Gantry Type Two-dimensional Image Measuring Instrument









Host system


main structure Granite base 1  
transfer method Rails with table rails 1  


Image system


US TEO High-Definition Color CCD

Manual 0.7-4.5 zoom lens

1 Dual image window with image navigation
Surface + bottom light

Surface LED adjustable white light + bottom adjustable light

3 Software system


Two-dimensional measurement software

Data transfer box + password lock

+ Installation CD + Operating Instructions

4 Special computer Host +21'' LCD

INTEL Dual Core+4GB Memory+500G HDD+21” LCD Monitor



Machine features:

● Provides manual and 3-axis joystick control. After the workpiece is programmed, it can automatically perform measurements and automatically export the report.

● CNC programming can be done in array mode to improve programming efficiency.

● The lens can automatically change the magnification and auto focus according to CNC programming. (Optional)

● LED light source can automatically convert brightness according to CNC programming to avoid measurement errors due to light changes.

● Measurement results can be set to upper and lower limits, OK or NG will be displayed in green or red.

● Comes with SPC to provide CPK value for reference.

● Can connect the whole picture of shooting artifacts

● The image is automatically searched for edges to avoid visual errors. The height can be measured through the probe (optional).

● Workpiece measurement graphics, graphics and images can be archived and transferred to DXF file for CAD editing.

● Automatically generate WORD/EXCEL report and customize report format, automatically import measurement results.

● Measurement data can be automatically imported into customer-made forms.

● Provides geometric dimension measurement, tolerance calculation and graphic

●display of various kinds of precision parts. Measurement data can be archived and exhaled at any time.

● Super deburring function, quick removal of images with burrs or blemishes, and correct acquisition of measurement data.

● Provides image edge finding tools. Points, lines, boxes, circles, and arcs can be quickly searched for edges.

● Chinese and English operating environment





operating stroke X: 600mm,Y: 700mm

external dimension 1500x1600mmx1800mm(X x Y)

Weight 1800Kg



operating stroke X: 700mm,Y: 800mm

external dimension 1500x2000mmx1950mm(X x Y)

Weight 2100Kg



operating stroke X: 800mm,Y: 1000mm

external dimension 1600x2100mmx2000mm(X x Y)

Weight 2500Kg



operating stroke X: 1000mm,Y: 1200mm

external dimension 1750x2350mmx2000mm(X x Y)

Weight 3800Kg



operating stroke X: 1200mm,Y: 1600mm

external dimension 2050x2800mmx2000mm(X x Y)

Weight 5000Kg



operating stroke X: 1800mm,Y: 2000mm

external dimension 2800x2950mmx2000mm(X x Y)

Weight 6500Kg



1. Machine precision: 4+L/250mm.

2. Three-axis optical ruler resolution reading: 0.001mm.

3. Height of workpiece: 200mm.

4. The plate is painted with powder coating.

5. Zoom Lens(multiplier): about 30-230x (about 5.3~0.8mm in the object's field of view)(the larger the multiplier, the smaller the object's field of view)

6. 1 times eyepiece.

7. Flat glass, correction glass each piece.

8. Workload: the maximum load of the test piece is 30kg.

9. Power supply: 220V /15A.

10. The operating temperature of 20 ℃ + 2 ℃ and humidity: 40% ~ 65%

11. One special bracket for measuring instrument.


Measurement software features:

A:1. Software operating system: WIN 7 / WIN XP.

2. Multi-point measurement fitting function.

3. Measurement in order to reverse the course.

4 basic measurements: point / line / Park / arc / point line spacing, parallel lines, included angle, two center distance, the two centers of the longest and shortest distance

5. The basic combination of measurement: line pitch, pitch function, the sub-line function, height difference function, the curve rectangular function, the line of intersection, two lines of intersection, two circles of intersection, two midpoints, two draw lines.

6. Reset, clear, match the coordinate system function.

7. Origin setting / workpiece alignment (not limited to the execution time, the number of times).

8. Workpiece / observation coordinates switching (rapid measurement of length, distance).

9 graphics, database reports print.

10. Graphics, database EXCEL export

11. The database can be deleted from multiple groups.

12. Image Area Load / Save Image (Bmp, Jpg).

13. Provide manual and 3-axis joystick control, the workpiece can be programmed to automatically measure and automatically export the report.

14. DXF document generated by the workpiece CAD can be converted to CNC programming, the implementation of automatic measurement.

15. CNC programming can be done by array to improve the programming efficiency.

16. Lens according to CNC programming automatic conversion ratio and auto focus. (Optional)

17. LED light source can be automatically converted according to CNC programming brightness, to avoid measurement errors caused by changes in light.

18. Measurement results can be set up and down control, OK or NG will be displayed in green or red.

19. Comes with SPC can provide CPK value for reference.

20. Can be linked to capture the full picture of the workpiece.

21. Image auto-hugging, to avoid visual error.

22. Part measurement graphical, graphics and images can be archived, and go to DXF file for CAD editing.

23. Automatically generate WORD / EXCEL statements and custom report format, automatically import the measurement results.

24. Measurement data can be automatically imported into customer-generated forms.

25. Provide all kinds of precision parts of the geometric measurement, tolerance calculation, graphical display, measurement data can be archived and exhaled calculations.


Software (AVM2.5D) Description:

1, automatic image search function to avoid visual errors, reduce operational fatigue

2, the image can be archived, print


Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 0Various archiving tools


3.Super burring function, you can find out the correct point, line, circle, arc position

Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 1              Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 2

           Set the detection area                 After testing the circle


4.automatic image determination tool, quickly calculate the point, line, circle, arc measurements

5.the basic geometric element measurement functions: point, line, circle, arc, ball, and keyboard input coordinate function, each measurement can be multi-point measurement, measurement results are free to choose whether to print.

6.Measuring graphical functions:

    A. Measurement Immediate graphical, you can directly click the icon on the point, line, circle, arc and other elements to measure.

    B. Measurement results can go to CAD for editing

    C. graphics can zoom in, zoom out, zoom in partly, move,rotate


                      Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 3CAD tool window


          7, Multi points deviation analysis chart, a variety of bias at a glance

          8, Provide "test results report" function

               A. Measurement data can be archived

               B. Measurement data can be exhaled at any time to observe the calculation

               C. Measurement data can be converted to EXCEL, the preparation of test scores report

               D. EXCEL macro function applications, providing X-R control chart, you can draw control charts at any time

Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 4

Excel report (data part)

Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 5

Excel report (graphic part)

9.Chinese and English operating environment can be switched.

Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 6


10.built-in SPC analysis software: can generate Xbar-R; XBar-S; XBar-MR three control charts.

Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 7

SPC Control Software (XBar-MR Chart)

Two-dimensional CCD + TUBE Image Measuring Machine Auto Gantry Type 8


























                                                 SPC Control Software (XBar-S Charts)


Environmental requirements:

Temperature range: 20 ± 2 ℃,

Temperature change: <0.5 ℃ / h <1C / 24h

Air pressure: 0.6MPa ~ 0.8MPa,

Maximum air consumption: 200L / min (0.45MPa)

Humidity range: 30% -70%

Power: 220V ± 5%, 50Hz

Maximum power: 1 KW

Ground vibration: vibration frequency ≤ 10 Hz amplitude ≤ 0.5μm



1) The location must be far away from the vibration source, avoid placing above the second floor, to avoid the impact of vibration accuracy.

2). Avoid direct sunlight, compartment insulation as far as possible using the RC structure

3). Avoid air outlet of air conditioner directly blowing to the machine.It would be better to have automatic temperature control system.

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