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  • Electric Water Heater Laboratory Technical Solution
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Electric Water Heater Laboratory Technical Solution

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Standard: SASO 1858 Test Purpose: Energy Efficiency Test Of Electric Water Heater
Laboratory Room: L × W × H: 6800mm × 3800mm × 3200mm Laboratory Door: H× W: 2200mm × 1200mm
High Light:

electrical safety analyzer


tv signal tester

Product Description



Project Overview

The energy efficiency laboratory of the electric water heater is designed and constructed according to the following standards and specifications:

1-1 Product test standards:

IEC 60379 Performance test method for domestic water storage electric water heaters

SASO 1858

1-2 measurement and control accuracy of each parameter

Measurement points and accuracy

Measuring point sensor data collection System comprehensive accuracy
Ambient temperature HMT100 temperature point UT35A ±0.1℃
environment humidity HMT100 humidity point UT35A ±0.1℃
Mixed water tank water temperature Pt100 Class A UT35A ±0.1℃
Inlet and outlet water temperature T-type thermocouple Class I GM10 ±0.1℃
Water flow Electromagnetic Flowmeter GM10 ±0.5%
Standard water tank temperature Pt100 Class A UT35A ±0.1℃
Testing machine water resistance Differential pressure transmitter GM10 ±0.5%
Auxiliary thermocouple temperature
  • type thermocouple
  • Class I
GM10 ±0.3℃
Refrigerant pressure Pressure Transmitters GM10 ±0.5%
Experiment time Computer quartz counter Microcomputer ±0.001S


Control points and accuracy

Control point sensor Regulator Actuator control precision
Ambient temperature HMT100 Universal regulator SCR ±0.5℃
environment humidity HMT100 Universal regulator SCR ±3%RH
Mixing water tank temperature Platinum resistance Universal regulator SCR ±0.5℃
Inlet water temperature Platinum resistance Universal regulator SCR ±0.5℃
Water flow Flow transmitter Universal regulator Inverter ±0.5%


1-3 laboratory capabilities

This laboratory is a basic laboratory dedicated to the energy efficiency test of electric water heaters. The following tests can be performed under experimental conditions:

1.24h energy consumption coefficient

2. Hot water outlet rate detection;

3. Heating experiment

4.Input power experiment

5. Insulation time test;

6. Power consumption experiment

7. Water consumption experiment

8.High temperature and high humidity test

9.Low temperature test

10.Other performance testing items required in the electric water heater standard

1-4-1 Tested machine type:

l Hanging electric water heater, vertical electric water heater, fast-heating electric water heater.

l 1-4-2 Detection capability:

l Can test 6 household electric water heaters at the same time.


l Second, the infrastructure plan:

2.1 Performance (energy efficiency) laboratory:

l l Laboratory room: length × width × height: 6800mm × 3800mm × 3200mm; (using high-density 100mm rock wool insulation board inside the double-sided color steel plate, and using non-combustible or flame-retardant materials, the grade of material combustion performance reaches A level);

l lLaboratory door: height × width: 2200mm × 1200mm, double-opening door, with observation window on the door, lighting with Philips tri-proof fluorescent lamp (top-mounted installation), the illuminance measured at a height of 1m above the ground shall not be less than 400lx;

llGround: Foamed 3mm stainless steel floor, good insulation and non-slip performance;

l Access control: with access control system.

Working conditions: 1) Temperature: adjustable from 10 ° C to 50 ° C, steady state change rate ≤ ± 0.3 ° C / 10h, horizontal temperature unevenness ≤1 ° C, vertical distribution gradient ≤0.6 ° C / m; 2) humidity: 40% --- 85% RH, stability ± 3%, accuracy is + 1%; 3) wind speed: no obvious convection, wind speed ≤0.25m / s.

Environmental temperature and humidity control measures:3.1 Refrigeration and heating system:

l Refrigeration: water-cooled units, the integrated design of the refrigeration unit, plastic sprayed fully enclosed unit cover, corrosion resistance, beautiful. Able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of severe cold and extreme heat.

lThe refrigeration system adopts the normally open working mode, and the outdoor unit of the refrigeration system has anti-vibration and noise reduction measures.

lHeating: When the fan stops working, heating can be stopped, with overheating protection, and the heating tube can be easily replaced.

lAir duct: The air duct is designed reasonably and beautifully, and the inlet air and the return air are down. The components of the air duct are reasonable and easy to maintain.

l Defrosting: The system can be equipped with an automatic defrost function.

l The heating tube can be easily replaced;

3.2 Humidification system

lHumidification water tank is made of stainless steel

l The water tank has automatic water level control function, water shortage and overflow protection functions;

l Humidifier electrode heating, convenient for regular cleaning and drainage functions, and take insulation measures;

l Party A supplies water supply and drainage pipes to the humidifier position;

3.3 Temperature and humidity adjustment system

Temperature and humidity control instrument: Temperature and humidity controller: Japan SR93, RS485 communication; Seamanton solid state relay;

lTemperature and humidity measurement: adopt high-precision PT100 platinum resistance sensor, dry and wet bulb method to measure temperature and humidity;

lTemperature and humidity control: temperature, humidity and wind speed control: indoor refrigeration and heating are achieved by refrigeration units, evaporators, humidifiers, heating pipes, aluminum alloys, return air ducts, air-conditioning fans, etc., and the heating pipe pairs For indoor heating, both parties use the non-overshooting PID algorithm to complete the precise control of indoor temperature, and control the equipment to complete manual or automatic control of heating, presses and fans. Humidification and dehumidifier cooperate with the control to achieve laboratory humidity control. The air duct of the air-conditioning laboratory is designed as a central discrete air inlet, and a lower return air is a base air duct with an air outlet. The inlet and return air fans are designed to form a closed-loop air path to ensure laboratory temperature and humidity control. The refrigeration unit, evaporator, and air-conditioning fan are used to achieve the indoor temperature of the air-conditioning laboratory through the aluminum alloy return air duct.

3.4 Protective measures: Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment must have phase sequence protection, overcurrent protection, high and low voltage protection, running water protection, overtemperature protection, smoke alarm, water shortage protection, anti-dry burning protection, etc., and sound and light alarm devices, and Emergency power off if necessary.

3.5 Others: In addition to the electric water heater performance laboratory, the sampling (type inspection) laboratory, reliability laboratory and parts laboratory all use central air conditioning to control the temperature.

Ø ØBasic functions of the water system: It has basic functions such as pretreatment, water storage, pressurization, voltage stabilization, automatic inlet, drainage, heating, cooling, and heat preservation, as well as conventional safety protection such as low water levels, spillage, and important electrical components and power. The alarm and protection functions of the abnormal operating status of the components, each laboratory corresponds to a relatively independent and shared water supply system.

Ø Ø Constant temperature water tank: The laboratory is equipped with a 2000L water tank. Each water tank has a stirring function. The water tank has a mechanical display and a control cabinet meter to display the water volume function. At the same time, the water tank design is convenient for internal cleaning and maintenance. The tank material is made of highly polished 304 stainless steel.

Ø ØWater temperature range: the water tank has independent heating and cooling capacity, and the temperature can be adjusted and controlled within the range of 10 ℃ -35 ℃;

Ø Ø Water pressure: The pipeline pressure is stable, and the pressure tank is set. All stations are turned on and the maximum flow is entered at the same time. The maximum design water pressure is 1.2Mpa. The system sets the water pressure and the water pressure at the water outlet of the station. The water pressure is kept consistent, and the pointer of the outlet of the pipeline is designed to install a pointer pressure gauge

Ø ØWater flow: Under the water pressure of 0.3Mpa, the outlet water flow of the stand is ≥20L / min, and each outlet is equipped with a joint and a valve;Ø

Ø Ø Insulation and heat insulation capacity: All water supply pipes and water tanks should have insulation and heat insulation capabilities to prevent water dripping in summer and freezing in winter;

Ø Ø Water tank temperature control: The deviation between the set water temperature and the actual outlet water temperature of each water tank is less than 1 ° C. After reaching the set temperature, stable control during daily operation is guaranteed. The temperature fluctuation range does not exceed the set value ± 2 ° C. Accurate, fast response temperature sensor and collect and save to the test curve;

Ø ØAutomatic water inlet and drainage capacity: The water inlet and drainage of each water tank are equipped with two types of automatic control and manual control. Soft water and tap water can be automatically added to set the amount of water and drainage through the display of the control cabinet. The inlet and drainage flow is greater than 100L / min;

Ø ØRemote operation and monitoring capabilities: On the panel of the control cabinet, parameters such as water temperature and water pressure can be set, and heating, cooling, circulation pumps, pressure pumps, water inlet pumps, and drainage pumps can be opened and closed. Water volume, actual water temperature, actual water pressure, instantaneous flow, total flow, etc .;

Ø Ø Safety protection ability: The water tank has a protection design for overflow, leakage and low water level, and the heating pipe and refrigeration unit have low water level protection, low temperature and high temperature protection, etc.Ø

Ø Ø The water system should have good reliability and maintainability. Common spare parts (solenoid valves, hand valves, etc.) for water systems need to be configured at least twice the standard configuration. The water system pipelines are reasonably beautiful and the pipelines are clear. Identification, hanging identification plate, convenient for maintenance and maintenance, equipped with water hardness testing reagent and water hardness adjusting reagent that can meet the 3 year usage;

Ø ØMaterial components of water system :All the above water tanks, pumps, water pipes and other pipe fittings are made of 304 stainless steel, which guarantees that there will be no water rust or water leakage in the service life of more than 10 years.

Ø ØMain components of water system: constant temperature water tank, refrigeration system, pipeline heater, booster pump, circulating water pump, pipeline solenoid valve, temperature sensor PT100, pressure sensor, flow meter, etc.

Constant temperature and pressure water supply system:

1. Water temperature is controllable, range: 6 ~ 60 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃ (in the water inlet pipe), usually 15 ~ 25 ℃, it can be set, and the water temperature accuracy adjustment range should be adjustable within the range of ± 0.5 ℃ to ± 5 ℃;

2. Water pressure range: 0.02MPa ~ 1.2 MPa ± 0.05MPa can be adjusted arbitrarily. Commonly used water pressures are 0.2MPa, 0.275MPa,0.4MPa, 0.6MPa, 0.7MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0 MPa;

3. Real-time display of working water pressure;

4. Water supply: The maximum water supply is 2T / h, which can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 0 ~ 40L / min and can be constant (using imported Grundfos booster pump, Italian VAREM voltage regulator, EMERSON or Mitsubishi inverter, Germany Luke pressure sensor, imported from Japan Yokogawa water flow meter) with water flow indication, commonly used flow rate 2L / min, 5L / min, 10L / min, maximum water supply 3T / h;

5, water supply tank 2000L water supply tank, automatic control of water intake, automatic water level control;

6.With various protection functions such as water shortage, water level, over temperature, leakage, etc.Each test position is equipped with a set of faucets. Each set of faucets is equipped with a copper G1 / 2 "ball valve to provide constant temperature and pressure water circulation to ensure that the water temperature meets the requirements;


Drainage system:

Drainage: Drainage adopts dual-pipe drainage: one of the pipes is drained to a recyclable water tank. The drain recovery method uses the pressure of the constant pressure pipe to discharge hot water from the water heater to the recovery water tank, and also injects constant temperature water into the experimental machine. After the experiment, part of the water in the water heater needs to be naturally discharged to another set of drainage pipes to the sewer, without recovery.


Laboratory workstation design

5.1 Electric water heater performance (energy efficiency) laboratory:

Converter power station: two three-phase three-phase three-phase inverter power supply; capacity: 45kVA / unit; voltage 230V / 415V (single-phase 5-300V adjustable), accuracy ± 1%; frequency: 47-63Hz adjustable , 50Hz, 60Hz fixed, 2F (2 times), 4F (4 times), 400Hz (optional), accuracy ± 0.05%; waveform distortion: ± 3%.

Test hanger:

1) 2 rows, single-sided hanging, 3 stations per row, near the side wall of the laboratory, size 1200mmX900mmX2000mm;

2) Material: Steel frame structure + 18 matte black matte paint, bearing 500kg / station;

3) Hook: stainless steel (with insulation pad), left and right can be moved (adjustable spacing), and the height of the hook is moderate;

4) Test corner plate: at least one stand in each room has a test corner plate;

5) Bench meter box: placed pressure, electrical parameters, flow rate, inlet and drain temperature (1 each / work station), front glass window for easy observation, and back metal door for easy maintenance;

6) Water supply pipeline is PPR pipeline, with insulation layer, 1 set of valves and joints per station;

Data collection:

  • Electrical parameter tester: The accuracy of electrical measuring instruments should be no less than + 0.5%, the accuracy of measuring instruments for measuring energy consumption is 0.01KW.H, and the accuracy of measuring instruments for measuring time is + 1s / h. 1 set, can display voltage, current, power, energy consumption, time, frequency, etc., on-site display + data acquisition, network transmission + computer processing, storage on-site display + data acquisition, network transmission + computer processing, storage;
  • Temperature inspection instrument, 15 thermocouples at each station in the laboratory, each station is equipped with two armored platinum resistors; on-site single-channel cycle display + data acquisition of all channels, network transmission + computer processing, storage; cooperate with E Type filament thermocouple (accuracy within 0.5K), armored platinum resistance for measurement, accuracy 100 degrees error is not greater than 0.2 degrees
  • Each station has an electromagnetic flowmeter, integrated into the pipeline, on-site display, network transmission + computer processing, storage, adjustable flow rate of 2-20L / min, level 5 accuracy.
  • Pointer pressure gauge (1.6MPa), installed on the pipeline, displayed on the spot; electronic pressure sensor, data acquisition, network transmission + computer processing, storage;
  • The integrated measurement and control system handles the collection, analysis, processing, reporting and storage of various data; it can dynamically enable each station to be inspected; the adjacent station sensors can be dynamically combined.


Software system functions


Basic operation


The software has functions such as storage, export, review, statistics, analysis, and printing of test data.
The data and curves to be viewed need to be displayed intuitively, and the software operation interface and operation method are simple and clear.
2 The sampling period Acquisition rate: 5 seconds to 60 seconds, which can be set by the user. (The temperature acquisition frequency and electrical parameters can be set separately and separately)
3 Test restarts automatically During the test, the PC is down due to abnormal conditions such as power failure. After the PC restarts, tests that do not meet the termination conditions will automatically continue to run. The system needs to ensure the security of test data to the greatest extent.
4 control function Acquisition rate: 5 seconds to 60 seconds, which can be set by the user. (The temperature acquisition frequency and electrical parameters can be set separately and separately)
5 Termination condition During the test, the PC is down due to abnormal conditions such as power failure. After the PC restarts, tests that do not meet the termination conditions will automatically continue to run. The system needs to ensure the security of test data to the greatest extent.
6 Data output During the test run and after the test, you can export the data for a specified period of time to Excel, and statistically analyze the test data under the Office software.
7 Query system Provide a unified query system for test data files, and require the export of test software files in the IEEE1851 international standard format.
8 remote access The server has a standard access interface to support multi-user access, adopts the IEEE1851 international standard, provides remote access client software, and implements remote access within the enterprise through the IEEE1851 international standard interface
9 Chinese-English The software design meets the requirements for easy operation, and uses Chinese and English versions. Under any operating system, the software display language can be switched at will, which is convenient for foreign experts to check and inspect.
10 Software functions The software's test parameters, calculations, and compartment temperature calculations meet the standard requirements. Able to perform statistical analysis of various parameters such as integration temperature, maximum and minimum temperature, interval power consumption and daily power consumption statistics, average power, current and other calculations. It has the function of automatically calculating the startup rate and the hourly startup rate. For other functions, such as viewing instantaneous test data, setting a warning line, and calculating relative humidity, refer to the current testing software of the testing company.




Curve multi-window display / multi-acquisition cycle

Multi-window display is supported. Users can freely customize the channels to be displayed in each window according to their needs.
In a test, the requirements for temperature and electrical signal accuracy are different. Different sampling periods can be set for different display windows.
12 Custom Format Report Customize report templates according to Haier report requirements and allow custom editing.
13 Authority

The software has the unified authority management function of laboratory and remote access within the enterprise. It needs the following roles: system administrator, equipment administrator, supervisor, tester, and temporary user.

Roles need to meet the following definitions:

-System administrator: can create, modify, allow / disable users, assign permissions, etc. to manage the entire system.

-Equipment administrator: can add equipment and group laboratories, set up stations and channels.

-Inspector (head of department): can view all tests, but cannot modify them.

-Tester: View, modify, start, stop tests created by yourself, but not view others' tests.

-Temporary users: can view authorized tests.


storage capacity


Use 1T storage space to store test data for all stations in the laboratory.


data backup

The laboratory adopts an integrated architecture, that is, the database server mode is used for storage. On the one hand, it implements dual real-time backup of test data and dual server data hot backup to ensure the security of data storage. Solve the network real-time access of multiple users to the same system (can achieve remote access within the enterprise)
Three servers, two of which are used in the lab, and the third server is used as a backup for the first two servers
The backup needs to adopt the incremental backup method.



system structure



The operation-type functions are separated from the acquisition-type functions. When the operation-type functions are abnormal, the acquisition-type functions are not affected, and the test is continuously and normally performed. Client / server system architecture is recommended.
The test system can be connected to the internal Haier quality inspection information platform (inspection 37 system) of the enterprise to reduce the repeated entry of test information. On the networked computer, it can perform inspection, analysis, and printing at the same time.
Data needs to be managed by a unified data server (including ongoing + completed data)
Provide data access interface to the outside, in order to upgrade and expand system functions in the future.
Provide system unified user management and access log records to ensure the safe use of information
17 Communication speed and reliability The communication between the microcomputer and the meter has strong anti-interference ability, faster communication speed and reliability, and the system has a faster sampling speed to ensure the smooth curve of the software and reduce distortion. The displayed data is consistent with the data collected by the instrument.

Provide form


The software comes with a backup installation CD for the test system to be able to quickly resume the test in the event of a system failure (with installation and commissioning instructions)
The station name of the software should correspond to the actual station name. The software should have a version number to query the upgrade continuity.
19 Software modification, version upgrade and other after-sales service support According to the requirements of the user, it can be improved and revised free of charge within 3 years due to the design reasons of Party B. If Party A proposes improvement and upgrading beyond the scope of service, the agreement between the two parties shall be confirmed.
20 Offline The software has the function of querying the test data outside, that is, the copied test data can be moved to other office computers through the storage medium. The query software (optional) can be used to query the curve and analyze the test data, magnify the test curve multiple times and Select, calculate parameters and other functions the same as the test software.


System security

Experimental area detailed requirements
Electricity The system has protection against leakage, overload, short circuit, lack of equality, the laboratory is safely grounded as a whole, and there is no electromagnetic interference between the equipment. Insulating rubber pads are placed in the main control cabinets and variable frequency power supplies;
Heating pipe Overheating alarm for heating tube, protection function
humidifier With overflow protection, water shortage and power failure protection
Alarm High and low temperature alarm in test room
Refrigeration system with relevant protective alarm indication



Fan shutdown system with automatic shutdown protection
Equipment grounding meets electrical installation requirements
noise Under normal operating conditions in the test room, the internal noise is ≤70dB
other Easy maintenance and easy maintenance


After-sales service and technical training programs

1. Commitment to product warranty period, after-sales service and service system

1.1 Product Warranty Period Commitment

The company promises that the products provided to the buyer are designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the bidding documents, and the configured components are also purchased and configured according to their requirements. For this reason, we are fully responsible for this quality!

The company promises to provide new, unused and qualified products to the buyer. The products provided by the company are subject to the Three Guarantees (repair, replacement, and return) period. The specific period can be found in the warranty time limit list.

During the three-guarantee period, if the user fails to use the equipment in accordance with the operating instructions during normal use, all maintenance costs will be borne by supplier; outside the three-guarantee period, the supplier will implement lifelong tracking maintenance and repair for the product.Will charge the cost of repair and replacement parts.

Laboratory warranty commitment

Device name


warranty period


Purchase equipment 3 years warranty
Homemade equipment 3 years warranty
Laboratory infrastructure 3 years warranty




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