• 6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution
  • 6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution
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6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution

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Detail Information

Standard: IEC 62552 & SASO 2664-2017 Test Purpose: Performance And Reliability Testing Needs Of Household Refrigerators And Refrigerators
External Dimensions: 9200L × 6000W × 3850H (mm) Door: 2400W × 2600H
Test Bench: Test Bench: Size Test Stations: 6 Stations
High Light:

abrasion resistance test machine


electrical safety analyzer

Product Description

Lab Technical Solution of Refrigerator And Freezer Performance


Refrigerator and freezer performance laboratory technical solutions

This laboratory meets the performance and reliability testing needs of household refrigerators and refrigerators. It can test 6 household refrigerators or 6 refrigerators at the same time. By adjusting the temperature and humidity of the test environment to meet the working conditions required for refrigerator and freezer testing, the type tests under various standard working conditions and simulated use conditions are completed. The test room includes a constant temperature room, a measurement and control room, a refrigeration and air-conditioning system, a power supply system, a test system, and a software system. The entire environment system adopts automatic control. Equipment control and measurement realize the functions of automatic measurement, automatic recording, automatic printing of test reports, automatic identification of equipment abnormalities, and shutdown alarm.


1.Test items

Designed and manufactured according to the following standards:

IEC 62552 domestic refrigeration appliances-characteristics and test methods

SASO 2664-2017 Refrigerators, Freezers and Freezers-Energy Performance, Testing and Labeling Requirements

(1) Test items can be realized:

stored temperature;

Work factor

Power consumption test (standard, loading, comprehensive power consumption);

Loading energy efficiency test;

Cooling capacity test

Freezing capacity test

Load temperature rise

Current / voltage / power / power factor

Condensation test

Frequency conversion test, etc.

Can test direct-cooled, air-cooled refrigerators.

(2) Laboratory test accuracy:

Repeatability accuracy: once installed, the deviation between the test result and the average value within three different time periods is less than or equal to 2.0%;

Experiment room temperature humidity control accuracy: ≤ ± 0.10 ℃, control accuracy of other working conditions ≤ ± 0.15 ℃. (Subject to the test results of the temperature and humidity sensor of the sampling device)

Laboratory specifications

2.1 Housing

(1) External dimensions: 9200L × 6000W × 3850H (mm);

Assembled with δ120mm polyurethane foam thermal insulation library board, the inside and outside surface materials are δ0.8mm color steel plate (color ivory white);

The floor insulation board uses 120mm thick single-sided SUS304 stainless steel polyurethane depot board, and the density of the polyurethane depot board is ≥40kg / m3. The surface stainless steel is not less than 4mm thick, and the color steel plate at the bottom is 0.8mm thick.

The ceiling is made of perforated aluminum.

A 5 # channel steel base is laid under the storehouse to ventilate and insulate the floor and the ground. The channel steel base can bear the impact of the prototype transport.

Allowable payload: The performance test of 6 refrigerators can be performed at the same time.

(2) Door: 2400W × 2600H, revolving double-opening return door, which can be opened both inside and outside; the door frame has an electrically heated anti-condensation device; the door has a 350W × 450H observation window, and double-layer insulating glass. There is no threshold, and the slope tooling of the door is convenient for the tested machine to enter and exit the laboratory. The height of the tooling slope can be adjusted manually.

(3) Lighting: Use T8 type 16W LED lights, the test room with anti-fall protection and high humidity, low temperature environment (working environment temperature -40 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity 95%) requirements; (2) The Philips lamps are selected from Philips and imported LED light sources are used, which can save more than 60% of electricity compared with other energy-saving lamps. (3) The luminous flux of the lamps is> 2700lm, the color temperature is 5000k, and the color rendering index is ≥ 70, which ensures that the laboratory illumination is not less than 250lm;

(4) Test stations: 6 stations, each station is equipped with 30 temperature measurement channels; 1 current measurement channel, equipped with two 10A universal sockets, the test power supply can perform voltage and frequency conversion, and provide the power required by the test standard.

(5) Test bench: size: 1800W × 1300D × 2600H, the surface is coated with black matte paint (water-based environmental protection matte paint); the test bench is made of wood, and the countertop is 30cm off the ground, and the two sides (30cm wide and 2cm thick) can be used. Adjust left and right, the load is not less than 400kg, 1 set / work station, 6 sets in total.

Test fixture table (size according to plan):

6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution 0

2.1 Environmental conditions in the test room

(1) Temperature and humidity range in the test room:

Temperature: 5 ~ 60 ℃ ± 0.3 ℃

Humidity: 35% ~ 95% RH ± 3% (control the humidity between 5 ~ 50 ℃)

(2) Temperature distribution accuracy in the test room:

When no-load (referring to when no test prototype is placed), the temperature deviation between the environment does not exceed 0.5 ℃;

Temperature distribution accuracy of the test room when the test prototype is installed (when the test prototype is not turned on): temperature unevenness in the horizontal direction ≤ 0.6 ° C (the temperature difference between any two points on the same horizontal plane of the laboratory platform does not exceed 0.6K); vertical distribution gradient ≤ 0.88 ℃ / m, the temperature at the center of the platform below the platform 20-30mm away from the platform should be within ± 0.8K of the specified ambient temperature.

(3) Temperature rise and fall

The operating conditions are completely guaranteed by the operating unit itself, and the no-load temperature is reduced from 60 ° C to 5 ° C for no more than 90 minutes;

Temperature rise from 5 ℃ to 60 ℃ within 90min

After the unit is started and stabilized, it is required to reach stable working conditions within 2 hours, and the fluctuation of each test parameter of the unit under stable working conditions does not exceed the national standard test operating condition tolerance.

(4) Wind speed in the test room

Household refrigerators: the uniformity of the temperature field in the room is better; the wind speed is less than 0.25m / s (the measured wind speed on both sides of the refrigerator after the refrigerator is placed on the table does not exceed 0.25m / s)

2.1 circulating air system

(1) Vertical air supply; return air under the supply air through the ceiling hole plate;


  • Air-conditioning cabinet (all stainless steel, panel and frame thickness are 1.5mm) and air duct.


Control parameters and measuring instruments

Ambient temperature control

Control range: 5 ~ 65 ℃

Control accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃

Temperature sensor: Pt100, transmitter, resolution 0.1 ℃

Regulator: Digital PID regulator, UT35A, Yokogawa, 1

Ambient humidity control

Control range: 35% ~ 95% RH

Control accuracy: ± 3% RH

Temperature sensor: Pt100, transmitter, resolution 0.1 ℃

Regulator: Digital PID regulator, UT35A, Yokogawa, 1

Temperature measurement

Thermocouple: T type, φ 0.3, thermocouple from isothermal terminal to copper

pillar is 3000mm long, 30 / station, can be borrowed between stations.

Measurement range: -30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃, after software correction, the error is not

more than 0.3 ℃, and the temperature measurement range can reach -55 ℃

150 ℃;

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 ℃ (-20 ~ 80 ℃), the rest ± 0.5 ℃;

Isothermal terminal: American Omega SMP-MF special socket. The terminal box

is made of 2mm stainless steel plate.

Compressor frequency measurement

Humidity range: 0 ~ 500Hz, 1 per station

Accuracy: ± 1% RH

Brand: Japan Love Model, Model: MS3087

Pressure measurement

Pressure transmitter: KELLER model PAA-23SY, class 0.25, absolute pressure

Low pressure range: 0 ~ 10bar, 1

High pressure range: 0-20bar, 1;

Can be borrowed between workstations;

Wind speed measurement

Range: 0 ~ 10m / s, 1

Accuracy: ± 3%

Brand: TSI, Model: 8475

Electrical measurement

Power meter: Yokogawa WT310E, RS232 interface, one for each of the three stations, a total of six;

Test Power

Single-phase inverter power supply: 6 units, brand Yidi

Single-phase power output power: 5KVA;

Power input: 3Φ380V ± 10%, 50Hz, 3Φ4W

Output range: 1Φ3W 0 ~ 400V, frequency 50 / 60Hz, adjustable 43-65Hz

Voltage control accuracy: ± 1V power supply regulation rate <0.5% frequency stability <0.01% total harmonic distortion THD <1.5% output voltage crest factor: CF≤1.4

Using oxygen-free copper conductor isolation transformers, Infineon, SEMIKRON and other brand IGBT modules, imported electrical components of joint venture brands, reliable and stable quality.

Data acquisition instrument

Yokogawa GM10, measurement channel: 180 points, network interface


Equipment and devices

4.1 Refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment

(1) Water-cooled compression condensing unit: Bitzer compressor unit, 5HP + 5HP compressor refrigeration, evaporator has electric defrost function; refrigeration cycle system has water-cooled shell and tube condenser, drying filter, sight glass, thermal expansion valve , Solenoid valve, aluminum fin evaporator (with hydrophilic film), high and low pressure gauges and high and low pressure protectors.

Refrigeration system diagram:


6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution 1


Refrigeration system diagram

Equipped with refrigeration units of different specifications, the units are configured with 5HP and 5HP respectively to meet the load requirements of different working conditions, so that the heating output ratio is not higher than 30%; meanwhile, the air valve is configured to adjust the air volume range;

Unit circuit adds auxiliary circuit: liquid injection bypass circuit, which can automatically start and stop the bypass circuit according to the compressor exhaust temperature;

(2) Copper heat exchangers and coils

(3) Electric heater: stainless steel electric heating tube, controlled by solid state relay, adopts stainless steel finned tube, has good insulation measures with the box and good explosion-proof measures for the power terminal, has interlock protection with the fan, and overcurrent , Overheating, overload, leakage, and other protective measures, the air handler must be divided into front and rear electric heating.

(4) Electric heating humidifier: made of stainless steel with insulation layer), controlled by solid state relay, with automatic water supply and drainage device, stainless steel steam pipe, with water level control, overheating protection and water shortage alarm function. Humidifier structure diagram is as follows:

6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution 2

Humidifier structure exploded view

(5) Centrifugal fan: double inlet centrifugal fan with inner rotor, explosion-proof.

(6) Air valve: aluminum alloy air valve, manual adjustment;

6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution 3

Explosion diagram of air reprocessing machine

(7) The system has security protection:

1) High and low pressure protection of refrigeration compressors;

2) Overcurrent protection of refrigeration compressors;

3) Exhaust temperature control of refrigeration compressor;

4) cooling water flow protection;

5) Fan overcurrent protection and wind pressure protection;

6) Overheating protection inside the air reprocessing machine;

7) Over-temperature protection inside the test chamber;

8) Humidifier dry burning protection;

9) humidification and water shortage protection;

10) Smoke alarm protection in test room;

Air sampling device

The sampler bench is made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the temperature and humidity sensor is Japan's Chino R220-30. The sampling device can be moved, and the moving wheels are made of universal resin rubber wheels.


Test Standards and Tooling

Test package: (IEC62552 standard)

(1) M package: 50x100x100, quantity of 50 packages;

(2) 500g package: 50x100x100, quantity of 150 packages;

(3) 500g package: 25x100x200, quantity of 100 packages;

(4) 1kg package: 50x100x200, quantity of 100 packages.

Copper cylinder: specification 15.2mm * 15.2mm, 25g, quantity 80.

Test kit: (SASO2664 standard)

(3) M package: 1300x100x40, quantity 500;

Copper cylinder: size 30 + 5mm, 25g, quantity 80.

Ambient temperature special tooling: Ambient temperature distribution support, a total of 12 sets. It is used for the ambient temperature test specified by each station standard, and the height and position can be adjusted according to the size of the refrigerator.

Electrical system and control cabinet

(1) Electrical control block diagram:

6 Stations Refrigerator And Freezer Performance Lab Technical Solution 4

(2) Electric control cabinet:

PLC: Mitsubishi, reserved 6 backup channels, 1

Touch screen: Weilun MT8100i, 1 set

Thermostat: UT35A, 2 sets

Regulator: Seamanton PAC30D

Air switch: Schneider

Contactor, relay: Schneider

Isolation transformer: 3kVA, single phase

With perfect system protection device: over-current protection, emergency stop switch, cooling fan, leakage protector, etc., and three-color sound and light alarm indicator.

(3) Station power box: 6

Made of no less than 2mm thick SUS304 stainless steel;

Single-phase 10A waterproof backup power socket with leaky open circuit, voltmeter, and power meter. Provide city power waterproof single-phase 10A power socket;

(4) TC terminal box: 6

Made of no less than 2mm thick SUS304 stainless steel;


Safety protection measures

(1) Camera system

Camera: 4, 8 million pixels, with infrared night vision function, brand Hikvision

It adopts pan / tilt control, zoom and zoom control, and can record, playback and copy video.

Display: 55-inch LED display, brand Konka or TCL (three sets of laboratories share one display)

(2) Anti-static device:Install a set of static elimination balls outside the test room to avoid static electricity in the room; the laboratory has a reliable ground to prevent static electricity regeneration, and the ground resistance is not greater than 4 ohms.

(3) Fire prevention measures

Equipped with smoke overtemperature detection system.

The laboratory and the measurement and control cabinet are equipped with smoke overtemperature sensors.

The storage body adopts flame retardant insulation material. The self-extinguishing time of the storage body insulation material is less than 7s, and the density is more than 40kg / m3.

(4) Safety signs and instructions

Obvious warning signs such as “Do not open the door by non-maintenance personnel” and “Caution of electric shock” are affixed to the cabinet door;

Laboratory LED display "testing" "low temperature" indicator.

1Data terminal and measurement and control software


Lenovo commercial microcomputer (mainstream standard), configuration: Inter core i7-8700 CPU 3.4GHz memory 8GB, independent graphics card, hard disk 1T or more, display: 21 ”LCD

Computer tables and chairs

Uninterruptible Power Supply

500VA, Shante, 1 set

Test software

Based on WIN10 window system, Chinese and English interface, with perfect test function and good stability. (With test software installation CD)

(1) Can easily input the parameters such as the refrigerator model, manufacturer, production number (test number), compressor model, compressor manufacturer, test items and other judgment requirements at each station.

(2) The power consumption data can be tested at the same time when the storage temperature test is performed.

(3) Both air-cooled refrigerators (cabinets) and direct-cooled refrigerators (cabinets) and electric-controlled refrigerators (cabinets) can be tested.

(4) In the same test environment, the test items or test objects can be changed (inserted) at any time, and it will not adversely affect the tests of other refrigerators in progress

(5) Can check the collected data (including all data and start-stop data) without affecting the detection sampling.

(6) The test conditions of all stations can be displayed in full screen, and single station can be displayed in full screen.

(7) Calculate and display the current average temperature tm of the refrigerating compartment and the maximum temperature tfmax of the freezing compartment, the input time and the total time after the conversion into a single station. The power is displayed. Zh

(8) The temperature and power curve can be flexibly displayed on the screen (you can choose any number of points to display).

(9) The judgment of stable conditions can be made automatically, and a prompt can be given. When the test is put into operation, it can be carried out manually or automatically.

(10) During the test, data such as sampling time, temperature, current, voltage, power, working coefficient, electrical energy, time interval, temperature controller points, (pressure is an optional test item) and other data;

(11) The data includes all collected data or data collected at certain intervals, and there is a corresponding processing program that can print it in the form of a curve.

(12) The test software should be in a WINDOWS environment with a better man-machine interface and flexible and convenient operation. You can enter or exit the test of one or several refrigerators at any time without any impact on the refrigerator being tested. Print the running report or test report of one or more refrigerators at any time without affecting the refrigerator being tested.

(13) The cooling curve can be displayed and printed.

(14) The temperature test points of adjacent stations can be borrowed from each other.

(15) When the computer system is powered off and restored, the test software can be restored to the normal state before the power failure (with power-down memory function).

(16) Sampling cycle: The sampling rate can be set arbitrarily between 1s-60s, and the temperature sampling frequency and electrical parameters can be set separately.

(17) Chinese and English interface display of software version protection; software display language can be switched freely under any operating system. Convenient for foreign experts to check and inspect.

(18) Privilege: With privilege management, the privileges are set according to the needs of the user, generally including: system administrator, equipment administrator, supervisor, tester, temporary user, etc .;

The test software is finally generated as an exe executable program, which can be automatically installed and run on the windows operating system after double-clicking. The complete set of test software includes a stand-alone version of the application that is separate from the data acquisition hardware environment. The interface and functions are consistent with the online version (as long as a database is available, curves can be generated and various reports can be output). The data structure of the test software is compatible with the database structure currently used by Party A.

The test software runs reliably and can run for a long time. The calculation methods and calculation formulas involved in the test software meet the requirements of the standard GB / T8059.

Safety requirements

(1) The equipment has abnormal protection devices such as temperature, pressure, water level, voltage, and current.

(2) Organic materials are flame-retardant.

(3) The safety design of electrical appliances meets the requirements of relevant national standards.

(4) The power supply of the laboratory station has time-sharing starting device to prevent the impact of instantaneous high current on electrical equipment.


Equipment hydropower configuration (provided by Party A to the laboratory equipment area)

Power supply capacity: three-phase five-wire system, 90kVA;

Circulating cooling water: 20t / h, water pressure is not less than 0.25MPa;

Tap water: 1m3 / h;

Drainage: Drain floor drain DN50, 1 piece.



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