• Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester
  • Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester
Good price Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester online

Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Kingpo
Certification: Calibration Certificate

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: To be Quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
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Detail Information

External Dimension(mm): 1.800×1100×1550mm Internal Dimension(mm): 800×800×800mm
Test-bed Speed(rpm): 1~5 Adjustable Spray Ring Radius(mm): 3. 400
Spray Pipe Swing Angle Range: 120°、320°(approximate) Flow Of Each Blowhole: 7.0.07 L/min +5%
High Light:

temperature and humidity chamber


climatic test chamber


IPX4 Rain Spray Test Chamber

Product Description


Programmable IPX3/IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester


Technical Performance

Main technical parameters:In accordance with IP 3.4

  1. External dimension(mm):800×1100×1550mm
  2. Internal dimension(mm):800×800×800mm
  3. Test-bed speed(rpm):1~5 adjustable; rotary table 500MM;Height:200mm adjustable
  4. Spray ring radius(mm): 400
  5. 4.Spray pipe swing angle range:120°,320°(approximate) (1)Nozzle angle:120°(IPX3),180°(IPX4)(2)swing angle:120°(IPX3),320°(IPX4)
  6. Blowhole diameter(mm):φ0.4
  7. Blowhole diameter spacing(mm):50
  8. Flow of each blowhole::0.07 L/min +5%
  9. Spay water pressure(Kpa):80-150
  10. Swing of swinging pipe:max ±180°(approximate)
  11. Swing speed:Each swing(2X1200) during IPX3 test:4 seconds per time.Each swing(2X1750)during IPX4 test:12 seconds per time
  12. Test time:1-999,999min(user definied)
  13. Water pressure in shower:80~150Kpa(adjustable)
  14. Distance between test sample and device is 200mm.Have a funtional test after finishing the test and normal temperature recovery for 24H.
  15. Stainless steel cabinet;Visible toughened glass viewing window;
  16. Appropriate circular turntable(used for fixing sample) with adjustable rotational speed.
  17. Waterproof power plug with 12V/24V
  18. Driving mode:Panasonic 400W servo motor(low noise,accurate speed and angle)
  19. Control system:Siemens touchscreen control system,PLC
  20. Power supply:220V 60Hz
  21. Implementation standard: GB2423,38-90,GB4706.32-2004 IEC-5129
    Model KP-IPX34-800
    Inner dimensions (mm) 800*800*800
    External dimensions (mm)


    Performance indicators Spray ring radius 400mm
    Nozzle diameter φ0.4mm
    Swing tube swing max ±180°(approximate)
    Test bench speed 1-5r/min
    Operation control system Controller Import frequency converter
    Time controller Import Programmable Time Computer Integrated Controller (Admiralty Moeller)
    Water pressure control Flowmeter
    Observation surface Large area visualized tempered glass door
    Water supply system Storage tank, booster pump
    Safety protection Leakage, short circuit, motor overheating


Structure Material:

  1. Internal&External:304 stainless steel
  2. Sample stage with circular turntable and adjustable rotational speed.


Protection Device:

  1. Overload and short circuit protection
  2. Ground protection
  3. Water shortage protection
  4. Alert notification



1. The material of the outer box is made of high quality (t = 1.2mm) A3 steel plate CNC machine tool forming, shell surface spray treatment, more smooth, beautiful;

2. Inner material of chamber: Imported high grade stainless steel (SUS304);

3. Insulation material: Rigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber;

4. Rotary table: PVC hard board (corrosion-resistant);

5. The parts contact with water all are stainless steel or copper material;

6. Control system optional simple programming controller or hot technology independent development of full-color touch control system;

7. Control interface friendly, simple operation, operation stable, low noise design, low carbon energy saving;

8. Swing tube with stepper motor drive, accurate angle, the swing rate can be set and adjusted, each group of nozzles are the center of the turntable radiation, the test is completed automatically compressed air to clean water stains;

9. Original nozzle, water column does not spread, and with angle adjustment device.

10. Automatic lift water surface function;

11.Germanyoriginal high-pressure pump, jet-type heating device;

12. To prevent the impurities in the water plug the nozzle, equipped with water quality filtration system;

13. large area of visualization of glass doors, easy to observe the measured samples in test box;


Related test standards:

1, GJB150.8 rain test method

2, Water resistance test method GB2423.38

3, IEC60068-2-68 Water resistance test method

4, GB4208 water resistance test method

5, IEC60529 water resistance test method

6, GB / T4942.1 water resistance test method

7, IEC60034-5 Water resistance test method

8, ISO 20653 Water resistance test method


Operation Environment:

  1. Operation voltage:single-phase thress wire system 220V 50HZ

2.Environmental temperature:15°~40℃

3.Relative humidity:<70%R.h



Structure and Principal

The enclosure of test cabinet and studio is made up of high-end short plate and 304B stainless steel.Its cabinet consist of main body,transmission and electrical part.

Principal description:

Achieve test objective through mechanical transmission.turntable transmission mechanism achieves specified rotational speed through worm and worm gear driven by motor.That speed reducer reduce driven by motor and then rack bar drives ring gear makes pendulum move.

Machine structure:whole set

Face Plate



  1. Add humidifying water:Open water tank’s intake valve.Pour running water into the humidifying tank’s identified position.
  2. Fix the sample to turntable
  3. Click the start button to turn on the power.Enter controller Home interface as shown in Figure:

Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester 0

Login Page


Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester 1

Home Page


  1. Click the start button after setting parameters.set test time after clicking “test time “button on operation screen.maximal hour and minute:999999.Then input required speed.It can be srt 20-40 minutes per hour.Click “test angle” to set angle:max 320 degrees.Generally 30 minutes on shutdown alert duration.Press the start key to begin.

5.Enter the operation interface;click the stop key to stop the test.Click Home position return and set parameters to begin the second test.


Programmable IPX3 / IPX4 Rain Spray Chamber / Waterproof Oscillating Tube Spray Tester 2

Operation Figure

Note:Only after IP3 test stops can user start IP4 test,so please stop IP3 if starting IP4 in case of breakdown.


Operation Methods:

1.Turn on the general power

2.Click start button

3.Set up touchscreen’s parameters.

(1)Main menu is displayed on touchscreen when power is on.

(2)Set parameters in menu.

(3)Press start button to start operation.

Cut off the general power when back to the control interface after test finishes.

Precautions for Use

1.refuel the transmission mechanism periodically.refuel cleansing 20# machine oil to speed reducer.

2.If hearing abnormal noise during operation,pleasestop to find out faults.Restartif after fault elimination in case of reducing service life.

3.After device positioning,prop up the resting support in case that castor translocate because of vibration.

4.If the blowhole is blocked,remove the pipe and rinse it thoroughly under running water and assemble to it.







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