• mask bacteria filtration efficiency key performance indicators (BFE)
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mask bacteria filtration efficiency key performance indicators (BFE)

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KingPo
Certification: Calibration Certificate
Model Number: KP-1000

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: to be quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 units/month
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Data Storage Capacity: >100000group Hepa Filter Characteristics: Filtration Efficiency Of Particles Above 0.3um≥99.99%
Fog Chamber Specifications: (length600×diamter85×thick3)mm Working Power: AC220V±10%,50Hz
Stent Size: (length1180×wide650×high600)mm,Height Adjustable Within 100mm

Product Description

1 summarize
1.1 Product introduction
ZR - 1000 type mask bacteria filtration efficiency key performance indicators (BFE) detector not only conforms to the requirements of medical surgical masks technology YY0469-2011 appendix B in the test method for filter efficiency (BFE) bacteria first B. 1.1 the requirement of test instruments, but also conforms to the American society for testing material ASTMF2100, ASTMF2101, the requirements of the European EN14683 standards, innovative improvements were made on the basis of this, with double pneumatic contrast sampling method at the same time, improve the precision of sampling,It is suitable for measuring and testing departments, scientific research institutes, mask manufacturers and other relevant departments to test the performance of mask bacterial filtration efficiency.
1.2 Product feature
 Negative pressure test system to ensure the safety of operators;
 Built - in peristaltic pump in negative pressure cabinet, A, B two - way, six Andersen;
 The peristaltic pump flow can be set;
 The flow rate of bacteria-night spray of special microorganism aerosol generator can be set.
 Good atomization effect;
 Embedded high speed industrial microcomputer control;
 10.4 inches industrial high brightness color touch screen;
 USB interface, support U disk data storage;
 Cabinet built-in high brightness lights;
 Built-in leakage protection switch to protect the safety of operators;
 Cabinet inner stainless steel whole processing molding, outer plastic spray cold rolled plate,Heat preservation and flame retardant between inner and outer layers;
 The front switch type glass door is convenient for the experimenter to observe and operate.Detachable bracket, adjustable bracket height;
 Supporting and moving dual purpose casters.
1.3 Execution standard
Q/0212 ZRB003-2015 Mask bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) detector
1.4 Technical indicators
main parameters parameters resolution Maximum permissible error
Sampling flow of route A 28.3L/min 0.1L/min ±2.5%
Sampling flow of route B 28.3L/min 0.1L/min ±2.5%
Spray flow (8~10)L/min 0.1L/min ±5.0%
Peristaltic pump flow (0.006~3.0)mL/min 0.001ml/min ±2.5%
Front pressure of flow meter A (-20~0)kPa 0.01kPa ±2.5%
Front pressure of flow meter B (-20~0)kPa 0.01kPa ±2.5%
Spray flowmeter front pressure (0~300)kPa 0.1kPa ±2.5%
Negative chamber pressure (-90~-120)Pa 0.1Pa ±2.0%
Working temperature (0~50)℃
chamber negative pressure (-50~-200)Pa
Data storage capacity >100000group
Hepa filter characteristics Filtration efficiency of particles above 0.3um≥99.99%
Median mass diameter of aerosol generator Mean particle diameter (3.0±0.3)μm,Geometric standard deviation≤1.5
Double-channel 6-stage Anderson sampler captures particle size Ⅰ级>7μm,Ⅱ级(4.7~7)μm,Ⅲ级(3.3~4.7)μm,Ⅳ级(2.1~3.3)μm,Ⅴ级(1.1~2.1)μm,Ⅵ级(0.6~1.1)μm
Fog chamber specifications (length600×diamter85×thick3)mm
Total number of positive quality control sampler particles (2200±500)cfu
Ventilation flow rate of negative pressure cabinet ≥5m3/min
Dimensions of negative pressure cabinet door (length1000×wide730)mm
Size of the host (length1180×wide650×high1300)mm
Stent size (length1180×wide650×high600)mm,Height adjustable within 100mm
Working power AC220V±10%,50Hz
Instrument noise <65dB(A)
The weight About250kg
Machine power consumption <1500W
7 Packing list
Number Product Unit Quantity Remark
1 The host BFE test system set 1
2 Level 6 Anderson sampler pcs 2
3 spray pcs 1
4 stents set 1
5 carry handle pcs 4
6 Ac power cord pcs 1 3m
7 silicone tubeφ18x24 m 1
8 silicone tubeφ8x12 m 1
9 silicone tubeφ6x10 m 2
10 silicone tubeφ4x7 m 1
11 silicone tubeφ2.65x5 m 1
12 Product specification piece 2
13 Product certificate piece 1
14 Report on sprayer test piece 1

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