• High Stability Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System Computer Control EV103VT
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High Stability Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System Computer Control EV103VT

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Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: KingPo
Certification: iso9001

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: To be quoted
Packaging Details: safety carton pack or plywood box
Delivery Time: 35 working days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 3 sets per month
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Detail Information

Max. Sine Exciting Force: 300Kg.f Peak Max. Random Exciting Force: 300Kg.f R.ms
Max. Shock Exciting Force: 600Kg.f Peak Frequency Range: 2~4000Hz
Max. Displacement: 25 Mm P-p Max. Velocity: 1.8m/s
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Battery Testing System


Battery Test Chamber


Vibration Shaker System Computer Control

Product Description

EV103VT Electromagnetic Vibration Testing System


I. Product Application

Vibration test is a process of exciting or shocking some part or device to observe its reaction in real environment. Vibration test is widely applied in many fields, ranging from circuit board, airplane, ship, rocket, missile, automobile, household appliance and other industrial products.
Labtone can offer you the whole vibration and testing proposal, and provide you with the quality certificates of products according to national and international standards, including GB, GJB, UL, JIS, DIN, ISO, BS, MIL, IEC and ASTM standards.

II. Type Selection Formula of Vibrator and Structural Diagram of Vibration Generator

① Test conditions provided by your company;
② Test types: sine sweep; random;
③ Frequency response range: 2 to 3000Hz
④ Formula: A(g)=(2πf)2Dcm/980≒A=0.002DmmF2 D=A/0.002F2


High Stability Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System Computer Control EV103VT 0

F=M(kg) ×A(g)


III. Principle Block Diagram of Equipment


Installation diagram of vibration tester

High Stability Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker System Computer Control EV103VT 1


IV. Equipment Configuration


Configuration Qty.
1. Vibration table  
VG300-25 electromagnetic vibration generator 1 set
BL-300 cooling blower (including silencer) 1 set
VT640 vertical extending table: 400*400MM 1 set
Automatic centering system of armature 1 set
2. Digital switch power amplifier  
SA-3 digital switch power amplifier 1 set
Servo protection system 1 set
Excitation power supply 1 set
3. Digital vibration controller (integrated instrument cabinet)  
Master unit of digital vibration controller 1 set
System acceleration sensor 1 PCS
Control computer 1 set
Control software installation disc 1 set
4. Attached accessories  
Extension cable and duct hose 1 set
Operation instructions, inspection report, certificate, maintenance manual, etc. 1 set
Attached special tools 1 set
Vibration press rod / holddown strip fixture 1 set


V. Technical Parameter


Parameters of VG1000-50 electromagnetic vibration generator
Max. sine exciting force 300Kg.f peak
Max. random exciting force 300Kg.f r.ms
Max. shock exciting force 600Kg.f peak
Frequency range 2~4000Hz
Max. displacement 25 mm p-p
Max. velocity 1.8m/s
Max. acceleration 100G (980 m/s2)
Max. load (sine) F=M.A
5G (49 m/s2) 10G (98 m/s2) 20G (196 m/s2) 30G (294 m/s2)
57kg 27kg 12kg 7kg
Effective load(M1+M2) 120 kg
Vibration isolation frequency 2.5 Hz
Diameter of armature Ф150 mm
Mass of armature 3kg
Table screw 13×M8
Flux leakage <10gauss
Allowable eccentric moment 300N.m
Equipment dimensions 750mm×560mm×670mm (excluding extending table)
Equipment weight About 460Kg
SA-3K digital switch power amplifier
Output power 4KVA
Output voltage 100V
Output current 30A
Amplifier efficiency ≥90%
Switching frequency 116KHz
Signal to noise ratio ≥65dB
Noise ≤70dB
Amplifier dimension 720mm×545mm×1270mm
Servo protection system
Functions: Temperature, air pressure, over-displacement, over-voltage, over-current, input under-voltage, external fault, control power supply, logic fault, input phase loss, etc.
Digital vibration controller VCS-2
Hardware configuration: 2-channel inputs, 1-channel outputs
Control computer Original computer is provided with a 17” liquid crystal display and a keyboard / an optical mouse
Software Chinese / English instructions are provided, and the software is available for time-domain and frequency-domain analysis, signal source and sine frequency sweep analysis, etc. It also can automatically generate WORD test report, display and store signal and data, and set testing parameters and analysis function.
Operating system Windows 7/8
Acceleration sensor LAB

Frequency range: 1 to 12000Hz

Sensitivity: 30pC/g

Temperature range: -24℃ to 250℃

VT640vertical extending table
Material Aluminum-magnesium alloy with surface hard anodized
Dimension 400mm×400mm
Fixing hole M8 durable and wear-resistant stainless steel screw sleeve
Frequency of use Sine: 1000Hz; Random: 2000Hz
Weight 15KG
BL-300 cooling blower (including silencer)
Blower power: 1.1KW
Flow rate 1404m3/h
Electrical requirements:
Power supply AC three-phase 380V/50Hz, 15 KVA
Ground resistance ≤4Ω


VI. Introduction to Equipment Performance

6.1 Vibration table VG300-25

6.1.1 Armature
Vibration table is provided with cast and manually processed armature, photoelectric pneumatic load support system and dual-bearing axial guide. The dual-bearing guide has a special function. It has excellent durability and can reduce axial dynamic crossing and rotation in vibration test process.

6.1.2 Excitation coil
It is of double magnetic circuit structure with low flux leakage and uniform magnetic field.

6.1.3 Table surface
Advanced phosphating and automotive paint technologies are applied for the surface to resist wear and rusting for long time.

6.1.4 Table cooling
Intake air structure with low noise blower and improved table is applied, the excitation coil is of cellular duct, middle magnetic loop is of double-layer split duct, so new duct design is applied to enhance cooling effect.

6.2 SA digital switch power amplifier
MOSFET or IGBT technology with reliable performance is used for SA digital switch power amplifier.
a. High stability and reliability.
b. Consistency with “CE” standard requirements of EU.
c. The power amplifier has high signal to noise ratio as sine double-frequency pulse width modulation technology is used.
d. Switching efficiency is high as operating principle of the switching power supply is used.
e. Automatic electronic current sharing technology is used.
f. Good safety.

6.3 Servo protection system

It has complete protection functions, including grid overvoltage, under-voltage, phase loss, logic fault, power module conduction through, over-temperature, over-current output, overvoltage output, power supply drive, table over-displacement, table temperature, external interlocking, etc.

6.4 Vertical extending platform
The extending platform is usually used as a large installation platform of specimens which can be square, round or defined by users. In order to reduce dynamic impact on the extending platform, all extending platforms must be subject to analysis of modal frequency by modeling, and these platforms are generally made of magnesium alloy and attached with damping materials.

6.5 Automatic photoelectric centering system
It automatically adjusts position of the armature to keep it in balance state. The automatic centering system is used to ensure that the armature is in the center during loading and unloading process.


7. Introduction to digital vibration controller
The vibration controller is of advanced distribution structure system, and closed-loop control is achieved by DSP processor. PC is independent of control loop to ensure real-time and high efficiency of the control system so as to timely and rapidly respond to any changes of the test system, and ensure control stability and high precision. 32-bit floating-point DSP processor with primary frequency up to 300MHz and 24-bit resolution ADC/DAC are used for hardware in coordination with high precision floating-point digital filtering and low noise design technology of hardware circuit. The dynamic random control range of the controller is more than 90dB and the signal to noise ratio is more than 100dB.


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